Above the Clouds 
H&M (2018)

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Reviews of Above the Clouds by H&M

There are 1 reviews of Above the Clouds by H&M.

First I thought clean scents were too safe, even boring. Now I love them, find there's plenty of variety and depth to their comfort. I would say Above the Clouds is almost forcefully clean & chipper, but in an earnest, toothy, hard-working way. Not antiseptic or austere, but warm 'n lived in. In HGTV's odiously common turn-of-phrase, authentic.

Yes, floral-musks are a bit pat but this one is well-done and of astonishing quality given the price point. (Part of this is the trick of conforming to genre early then swerving at the last minute) Pink pepper always adds some effervescence as a accord but I can scarcely detect it here. There is some minor alteration, slight variation that I cannot for the life of me quantify that gives Above the Clouds enough distinction to keep its head above the crowd. A little warmth to keep its white cloud from going arctic.

Pleasant and deftly understated.

Mar 6, 2019

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