A taste of Heaven, absinthe verte fragrance notes

    • absinthe, orange blossom, amber, patchouli

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The top notes are quite confusing for me.I am not a fan of lavender vanilla couple but herbal and alcohol note at the top gives me nausea. I had no bad memories with absinthe but i found it disturbing. And dries down to a boring old style men cologne.
3rd May 2021
I like lavender fragrances , but this one fails to thrill me...opens with a blast of fresh minty lavender the has bitter/vinegary/herbal accents from the absinthe...to my nose , the vanilla that kicks in is the kind that reminds me of wet cardboard...too much lavender for my taste and not enough of the rest of the team...
11th December 2018

You're in a barber shop getting prepped for a shave. You're near a mountain spring carving your initials on the side of a tree. You're at an ice cream parlor drinking a vanilla milkshake. A Taste of Heaven by By Killian.
25th February 2018
Strong Lavender. Where's the vanilla?

According to most reviewers this is a lavender/vanilla offering, despite neither of these notes being listed above. Even Turin refers to the classic Caron Pour Un Homme as a reference. This is nothing like that powdery masterpiece.

All I get is strong lavender, no development, just a linear lavender. Also no softness, no roundness, just lavender.

The lavender/vanilla combo goes all the way back to Jicky. This take on the notes is disappointingly boring.

Stick with Pour Un Homme for the best combo to date.
15th February 2016
The elegantly boozy opening blast has absinthe as the core, a fairly light and bright absinthe that soon develops lavender undertones. On my skin this is quite different from the more traditional lavender fragrances, like the ones from Yardley or Creed's Scottish version. In this By Kilian the lavender is a lighter and slimmer contemporaneous variety and blends nicely with the absinthe.

The drydown continues into a light white floral interlude, to then develop a patchouli that remains in the foreground until the end. This is a medium-heavy somewhat earthy patchouli that is neither really dark nor really heavy, and this part is the least exciting phase in the development of this product.

The sillage is moderate, the projection good, and the longevity is over seven hours. A touch on the synthetic-unexciting side in the second half. This would be pleasant in autumn. 3/5

5th January 2016
My third scent i smelled from this brand and only straight to heaven is decent so far,back to black is very nice in the opening but after that fades,the tobacco note comes in and do not like it at all,and this stuff i really hate,do not know what notes i dislike but i just cannot stand this stuff,a little like musc ravageur,a strong scent with lots of notes that are so strange and stinky to my nose.
18th July 2015
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