The perfumer says:

Inspired by my first impression on Hyde Park locating in centre of London Yellow flowers bouquet of overwhelming spring’s beauty. Bright and joyful of vibrant Citrus and fruits infusing with sweet luscious honey. Then the main stars of spring revealing itself. Mimosa Narcissus Broom and orange blossom adding warm and sweet vanilla enchanting the entire garden into fairytale. A dreamlike spring for everyone transform into warm sophisticated happiness in a fragrance for all year round.

A Sorta Fairytale In Hyde Park fragrance notes

    • Peach, Apple blossom, Orris, Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Broom, Narcissus, Vanilla, Mandarin, Heliotrope, Honey, Musk, Gorse, Amber, Lily Of the Valley, Heather

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I get fewer nuances than previous reviewers, but it's still very nice. It is mostly floral with a vanilla candy feel in the back and feels like spring. I'm not sure I can see this on a masculine identifying person, though, so I'd have to say it's pretty much on the feminine side of the scale. Pretty, spring-like, sweet tart floralws.
4th June 2023
This scent opens with yellow florals and honey notes, which are slightly powdery. However, the sweetness of the honey and vanilla smoothens out the powdery elements. The fragrance also has a detectable peach note, but all the notes are blended very well. The orris root in the scent gives off a buttery chocolate-like aspect. The fragrance has good performance and the honey sweetness makes this type of floral scent long-lasting. Although a man can wear it, the fragrance leans more towards the feminine side. The scent reminds the reviewer of a tootsie roll when it's unwrapped due to the buttery-sweet aspect of the orris root. Overall, the fragrance is a honeyed and sweet yellow floral that is worth trying if this is the kind of scent profile you're into.
9th April 2022

Sampling Strangers Parfumerie – A Sorta Fairytale in Hyde Park, obtained as part of a Discovery Set from Luckyscent with spray samples, though I supplemented this with other individual dabber samples as well. This fragrance smells like a mélange of yellow florals (mimosa, narcissus, heliotrope) with a nectar-like quality of honey, amber, and vanilla, tamed by a fresh, green, fruity quality in the background. It very much conjures the current spring season where I’m located, where warm days and vegetation peek through the cold. I think it’s a fairly agreeable, unisex (albeit slightly feminine-leaning) floral-forward fragrance that has a nice place in the collection.

Like the rest of the collection with EDP concentration, ASFIHP is priced at $80 for 30ml, and is sold at Luckyscent and Indiescents in North America.

7 out of 10
4th April 2022