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Issey Miyake (2009)


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A Scent by Issey Miyake

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Issey Miyake
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Arik Levy
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A Scent is a feminine perfume by Issey Miyake. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daphne Bugey. The bottle was designed by Taku Satoh and Arik Levy

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Reviews of A Scent by Issey Miyake

There are 37 reviews of A Scent by Issey Miyake.

Boil in the Bag green floral with galbanum and hyacinth...

cf. YSL Y (1964), Givenchy III, Vacances, No 19, Fidji, etc.

With an aqueous translucency, A Scent is a modern interpretation of the hyacinth-galbanum-citrus floral, shimmering and crisp, like the sun shining on a vernal pool. Bitter stems, white and purple blooms, the early verdant lawns of a warm day in April after a soft rain is the feeling I get here.

It is lucid, simple, somewhat soapy and sheer, a bit more floral than I had expected, which is in fact a plus (I discern a wonderfully sheer jasmine note). I discern hints of crushed tomato leaves and basil as well. It also reminds me somewhat of Calyx without the overripe cantaloupe and fruit salad. I would wear a few sprays while visiting Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA, while admiring the spring ephemerals: the development that eventually leads to a woody dry down would complement the surroundings.

This is unfortunately no longer in production, but still available at not too steep a cost (for now).

A scent by Issey Miyake reminds me of a greenhouse or flower in a vase, the water already a bit murky.a bit melancholic,but still beautiful and a reminder of spring. this is quite simple that it makes for a good intro into mature green chypre scents for beginners.like a quirky little girl among the class of citrus chypre fragrance.it reminds me of 80s.very simple scent.

Citrusy and green opening,and even more when it starts swirling into gorgeously green hyacinth after a few minutes.but my favorite aspect of is as it softens and sweetness,a phase that lasts about for two hours on my skin.it is the prettiest whisper of jasmine and still something springlike and woody-floral hyacinth.it has something like an expensive face cream note in it,so i don't feel sharp at all.totally this is a beautiful clean soapy green scent with minimal notes and quite easy to wear as a day to day inoffensive office work scent.

Bubbly lemon and lemon verbena top. Lively floral notes. Light and warm. A touch of green. The flowers come and go as if waving in a summer breeze. Perfect spring and summer scent. I love the bottle design as well.

What a beautiful thing this is!
Hyacinth and Jasmine softly breeze through this. A fine sliver of Galbanum. Citrus, just enough to counter the sweetness of the Florals. Maybe a very light White Musk, however no blinding wall of Sorbitol.
An easy wear Laundry soapiness, Ammoniac rather than Bleach.

At 1st spray, I didn't think this was going to go well....

But an hour in, I really like it! It's different from most of the scents I have. Probably will use it in fall and winter, but it's working well on this chilly Spring day....

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