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Code Deco (2013)

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Reviews of A Minor by Code Deco

There are 1 reviews of A Minor by Code Deco.

A Minor is a deceptively light fragrance that wears like a cross between a citrus-woods and a spicy oriental. Musky woods with cinnamon highlights, to be precise. Its diffusive capability seems perfectly calibrated to take advantage of warmer and humid climes where heavier fragrances tend to hang around too long and grow oppressively cloying. IMO it's best worn by misting over clothes.

As a first review, a little background information is in order. Code Deco is a young artisanal fragrance outfit based in Singapore, started in 2013 by Gauri Garodia who for 16 years cut her teeth scenting products for Unilever before starting her own perfume consultancy and fragrance line. And this past commercial experience clearly plays a role in fragrance development; Code Deco retains an over-archingly mainstream appeal while boasting the superior quality components oft-associated with higher-end niches. Wearing them is an experience not dissimilar to listening to hi-fi music at low volumes; the softly played notes remain crystal clear. But if you're the sort who prefers to leave a scented trail wherever you go, this line is obviously not meant for you.

Now back to A Minor.

A Minor leans towards the masculine though I think it can work equally well on a woman. For a light fragrance it has presence, felt rather than smelled if you will. Like how one might notice a lone guy enjoying a quiet drink at the corner of a bar. Definitely not a minor.

Mar 26, 2016

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