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Thierry Mugler (2014)


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Reviews of A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

There are 20 reviews of A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler.

Thumbs up for the smell but I am always surprised at how average the performance is of Pure Wood. It doesn't match up with other heavy hitters in the A*Men lineup in regards to projection and longevity.

Moving on to the smell, it's actually the most accessible and easy to wear A*Men scent for me. This could be an everyday scent in cooler months, it's that agreeable and nice. I get plenty of the familiar coffee and vanilla in the original A*Men but there's not as much tar note, if any. It's replaced by a pleasant, if not generic woody accord that's just fine by me because it's mixes with the other notes so well.

This is right up there with Pure Malt as a favorite of the line but the lack of performance keeps Pure Wood from being the leader of the group.
Feb 19, 2018

Woody, dense, sweet. Unremarkable scent, rather generic. Coconut-like note in the dry-down. Cheap looking moulded plastic on the bottle.
Jun 2, 2017

Pure Wood is a classy formulation in the A*Men flanker series. It is not as heavy a wood-drenched scent as could be imagined. Instead, it is a subtle, complex layering of the unique wooden notes (oak, cypress) mingled with the typical coffee and patchouli foundations of many of the other A*Men flankers.

I would compare it to Jean Paul Gaultier's Kokorico (albeit toned down several volume notches) to what borders on a lovely skin scent (depending on how much you spray, then it's sillage would be along the lines of Pure Malt / Pure Coffee).

Pure Wood is a welcome A*Men flanker that is sitting comfortably beside my bottle of Ultra Zest.
Mar 13, 2017

Want to know what this smells like? Go cut a piece of wood or go to home depot and have them cut you a piece of wood. The aroma of the shavings mixed with a very very slight classic A men feel. It's a cologne for sure, but it smells "organic". I would love wearing this on a hike in the Pacific Northwest, which is where I live. It mixes so well. At first when I had a sample I thought I detected a cinnamon vibe.. But now that I have the bottle that note really isn't present. The wood is so much more prominent in the opening and the dry down.
Jan 17, 2017

When you name a fragrance, “Pure Wood”, the question arises, “Yeah, and what else?” APW sidesteps previous Amen flankers fragrances by doing two things – eschewing conventional notes and doesn't utilize the Amen base to much effect. First, it doesn't use a traditional wood base (cedar, sandalwood or oud nowadays) and introduces the little used Oak note to great effect. It's not as woody as cedar or oud but it's certainly woodier than sandalwood. The oak is conjoined with cypress, giving it a piney vibe. This is all apparent in the opening and mid-notes. As it matures, a dry and bitter patchouli/coffee accord emerges (Amen base light). Also, tonka is found as well. Not an overtly complex scent at all. I'm reminded of DSquared's wonderful HeWood at times and in my opinion, APW of the best Amen flankers.

Aug 24, 2016

The Thierry Mugler brand seems to explore on their line an answer to the following question that come into my head: How far you can go with flankers of a consolidated best seller on the market without tiring the audience? It is a task interesting somehow, because it requires you to be able to transform your perfume to the point it seems a new and interesting concept but at the same time keeping the link with the original creation. In some editions of the Pure Collection we have seen this approach be very successful, with Pure Coffee, Pure Malt and Pure Havane standing out among the most celebrated. The Flankers Taste of Fragrance and Pure Leather / Cuir were also able to bring interesting details the original idea, but failed to create a distinctive aroma and its evolution makes them much like the Amen so it is difficult to keep the interest in them after a few uses. I expected Pure Wood to follow suit them, though its scent seems to show that it is still possible to extract interesting variations of woody oriental theme in Amen.

First, it is interesting to note that despite the name indicating a possible dominance of the aroma of woods, Pure Wood does not go the obvious route and doesn't shows a saturation in cedar, sandalwood, oud or synthetic amber materials that can pass a heavy, dry and diffusive wooden aroma Some of these woods can even be perceived as secondary, but what really stands out and gives a new life to the smell of Amen is the use of oak wood in the composition. It brings a little explored commercial woody nuance, a scent with nuances of rum, honey and dried fruits.

Although not listed, besides the oak aroma I notice a very obvious smell of guaiac, a wood interesting for its spicy aspect and phenolic impression (smoky and rubber like) while having also a slightly sugary touch. We still have a secondary and sophisticated scent of leather aroma that mingles with the sweet, sugary scent of vanilla and roasted smell of coffee. These two notes together with patchouli end up being the main responsible for making the connection with the traditional AMen while the oak, guaiac and aroma of sweetened ambery resins give a new look to the oriental aroma composition. Although little known and commented it is one of the most interesting flankers in the line in the way ut explores the concept, bordering on an approach that would not be bad in a niche perfume or a more exclusive one.
Jul 6, 2016

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