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    • Arabica coffee, Patchouli, Musk, Moss, Cedarwood, Vetiver

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As compared to Pure Malt and Pure Havane, Pure Coffee comes off as more mature to me. I like PM and PH, but they verge on being too sweet, almost candy-like. One is a little on the fruity side and the other is a little bit on the cherry soda side (they're both enjoyable when the mood strikes). I'll admit, PC was a blind TJ Marshall's buy, but having smelled the original A*Men I figured it wouldn't be that far off, and it isn't. It just has a really amp'd up coffee note and toned down tar note. Wasn't sure the combination of coffee and patchouli would work, but I really like the dry down as the coffee fades and the patch rises. Some have said it's not worth owning both original A*Men and Pure Coffee. I dig A*Men for the complexity, as I still get different things from it every time I wear it. Pure Coffee is a trusty friend that gives me the same great coffee blast every time.
2nd December 2020
As good as the coffee note is in this, sadly, it's more of a dense patchouli based fragrance than anything. Easily the most patchouli heavy of all of the A*Men flankers. Longevity is pretty good, but projection leaves something to be desired.

I used to love this much more than I currently do. Its simple composition grew rather boring on me. There are much better, and more complex variations of A*Men, such as Pure Wood, Pure Malt, and Pure Havane.
25th April 2019

Dark, coffee, wood, spice.
That mature combination of top notes, but also maintaining the youthful base that carries through into every A*Men. My favorite of the flankers so far, followed by Pure Malt in a close second. Not as sweet as PM or PH; has a darker, more mature quality.
The scent is resinous and beautiful, and fitting to anyone between 25 and 60.
A cold weather gourmand, not unlike its brothers, but this one can be a little more forgiving in slightly warmer weather. Solid 6 hours of projection and another 8 as a lingering skin scent. I think it's rare to find such a universally pleasing, interesting, yet unique male fragrance.
28th October 2018
Not a bad entry in the A*Men "Pure" series, though not one I'd call my favorite. It takes the vanilla-patchouli vibe of Pure Tonka and adds a noticeably bitter coffee-like note married with vetiver, that was tough for me to really get into. Versus some of the other "Pure" flankers - namely, Pure Tonka, Pure Havane, UltraZest, and Pure Wood, for instance - this one has a stronger nod out to the original A*Men's distinctive coffee presence (by design), and it similarly rich and sharp like the original.

Pure Coffee is nice overall, but I think I am more sold on the effects of the aforementioned flankers (as well as their long lost relative, B*Men).

6th February 2018
nice coffee patchouli .one of the best from the house.
1st February 2018
There are those that deplore A*Men.

There are those that appreciate all the mugler patchouli/choco-centric offerings and will tell of the various nuances among and between them all.

And there are those that are just OK with all the offerings and will say they do not reflect enough toward the particular name (i.e. here -> not enough of a coffee accord in Pure Coffee) and simply don't differ enough to justify owning more than one.

I'm of the last group. I choose Pure Malt, but just by a wee dram.
13th July 2016
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