A Drop d'Issey fragrance notes

  • Head

    • damask rose
  • Heart

    • solar lilac, almond milk accord, orange blossom
  • Base

    • atlas cedarwood, vanillin

Latest Reviews of A Drop d'Issey

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It feels like a thoughtful walk along an old forgotten country-side roads, where all those bushes still grow elegantly,they spread and blossom, and robins make nests among their tight branches.a great lilac.anyone who is familiar with the flower will not hesitate to acknowledge it as one, and anyone who truly loves lilac will immediately be inspired and transported with joy.it is sweet, enchanting,a real pleasure.

I feel very lovely lilac scent for a while, after that it turns into a soft,warm sweet scent with a hint of freshness because of the lilac.almonds?well,i suppose.the nutty/creamy sweetness really brings up the lush wonder of this lovely flower.i feel here vanilla too.it gives even a slight sexiness to the scent.you can feel the early spring sun on your face and your heart quickens and your spirit sings with joy.spraying it on your skin on spring/ summer mornings or evenings alike,just after you come out of the shower then you put on an itty-bity little flowery sundress,a pair if sandals and you walk out of the house feeling feminine, elegant and charming.sillage and longevity are good and if you spray it on hair or clothes,you can enjoy the lilac-scent longer.

14th October 2021
A transparent if somewhat high-pitched lilac backed by an inviting musk, clean and milky, which for some reason brings to mind burying one's nose in a freshly bathed person's cleavage. The lilac impression doesn't entirely hold for the course as first the bright jasmine underpinning it becomes more evident and then the whole transitions to a soapier floral with some bleached cedar shavings. Would be well-suited to inhabitants of Scandi interiors.
22nd July 2021