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Grès (1947)


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A de Grès by Grès

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A de Grès is a women's perfume launched in 1947 by Grès

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One time my friend's husband commented that her newest perfume smelled like Raid. Tant pis.Well that was how I felt when I applied this perfume which I had recently dug out after having had it for some time, and put it on today. It was too green for words. Raw. Acrid.So after a while I was relieved when it rounded out but then it smelled horrid. I felt like I smelled like an old woman and not in a good and elegant way either. But the clerk in the natural food store told me I smelled good. I said I was glad because I thought that perhaps I stunk. She said "Oh no!" So that at least was a relief.Anyhow now several hours later I can smell the faint powdery scent and it is no longer offensive. Sort of like the scent of freshly starched linen when it is hot under the iron. ( For those of you who remember ironing... my age is showing...) A subtle sweet smell. But by now it is evanescent.Maybe if you can find some vintage of this you will like it but it is not for me, alas.

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