A limited edition travel retail exclusive.

7:15 am in Bali fragrance notes

  • Head

    • passionfruit, grapefruit
  • Heart

    • orchid, jasmine
  • Base

    • vanilla

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7 AM, dusty road
I'm gonna drive until it burns my bones
Crossing a dream with my old lost care
Its smell brings the dead memories back
29th June 2022
Imagine a sweet honeymoon in Bali, after a romantic evening in a quaint little wooden hut, open your eyes and enjoying a little stint in the poolside swing and then you're going to a classic bali floating breakfast, in front of the rice paddies with your sweetheart, and munch on some fresh tropical fruits, naughty sweet pancakes, and other delicious options.

It's definitely a cozy scent. Nothing sexy, noir or mysterious about it. It's coziness in a bottle. Delicious powdery vanilla, some floral notes and a hint of fruits.simple but charming. It's not cake sweet, it's mature and plain vanilla. Vanilla is generally one of my favorite smells, and i think this one would work great on both sexes. To my nose this perfume contains two types of vanilla, bourbon vanilla and tahitian vanilla. On my skin the bourbon vanilla is standing out more, which makes it almost, creamy, velvety and powdery.

It's delicious creamy tropical fruit in the opening, then gets more powdery as it dries down. When the creaminess disappears i detect sensual, soft, sweet & powdery orchid and above all vanilla, which stays for entire scentilife. Not too sweet, rather comforting. It's sensual but fresh enough for daytime. The scent also has a gorgeous smooth slightly spicy edge, which gives it a sensuously arresting feel.
12th February 2021

I find it lovely! creamy, realxing, , enchanting like a subtle morning light, , I love Kenzo! .all his fragrances are distinctive, and very well constructed.True Bali doesnt have many notes, but they melt into each other to produce a light but present & beautiful harmonizing scent.I love it!!
29th April 2010
Ooo. Being the first to rate 7.15am in Bali with a negative review is a bit stressful, especially since I do have an issue with the unpredictability of Kenzo. As a designer, he's brilliant. But the brand itself stands for the quirky and the wild which is ok in small doses but I find, very dominant in the fragrances of the house.7.15am starts off for me smelling like crumpled cellophane paper I used to work with as a kid for art class. A very oily, creamy floral vanilla-ylang ylang scent that is slightly on the over powering side for me. It is however, what I woke up to when I spent a good week in Bali where the morning rain and heat tends to create a rather intoxicating scent.Midway, the fragrance starts to get a bit aggressive and sharp, with hints of frangipani and coconut milk tea which totally reversed the initial transparency and over time, develops a rich cloying creaminess.Towards the end, 7.15am hasn't seemed to have backed off, with the markisa (a local passionfruit) element gaining dominance. Unlike the usual passionfruit, the local variety is a bit more sourish and astringent tempered by a waxiness creamy lotion foundation which I picked up from the fragrance. For a moment, I had an image of a very bitter woman, although I didn't know why but I sure didn't enjoy it very much.Perhaps its because of the heat here, and how scents tend to linger longer on me *even L'Artisan* and hence, I found this too much. Like an overly rich dessert in the unbearable heat and humidity of Bali.
14th August 2009
Love the mystery of bodies and scents...what's orange and passionfruit on some skins is pineapple on me! Not too sweet - airy and touched by sea breezes. Get a bit of jasmine over light vanilla/tonka that lingers nicely. These impressions are from a sample that makes think 7:15 a.m.in Bali would be great for early mornings in my South Carolina summers!
18th June 2009
7:15 am in Bali, what a crazy name! Ah, no wonder, it's a 'travel exclusive'. This basically means it is only sold at duty free shops. Well, lucky for me my daughter went traveling and bought her perfume lovin' mama a bottle! This Kenzo is a very light edt. It wears like a body spray. Aside from that, it's a great little scent! Fruity opening, orchid floral heart and a thin vanilla drydown. Pretty much smells like a watered down Tocade ~ but less reminiscent of say, dreamsicles or childrens' medicine. 7:15 am in Bali is perfect for the beach, pool, amusement park, or anywhere else you may be sweating this summertime! I like that it's NOT LEMONY, and NOT COCONUTTY. It is breezy, light and refreshing - without smelling like a cocktail, suntan lotion, or too perfumey - it is just right!
3rd June 2009
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