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There are 3 reviews of 4711 Ice Green by 4711.

Regular 4711 with a wallop of menthol. Can be offputting for some while being refreshing to others.

If the menthol were sweet it would have made this far more fantastic; instead it comes off too medicinal.

Neutral for one reason: it has a warming aspect to it which makes this fantastic for winter use.
Feb 17, 2019

Very easy to use, splash on anywhere anytime for quick refreshment and no aftersmell. Product description mentions various improbable ingredients like peach and plum, but the dominant note is menthol. In the background is citrus/ cologne, with a note like agrumen aldehyde light.
Jan 11, 2018

This is lime and musk drenched in menthol and alcohol so intense that it burns the skin. This makes you smell like you are soused on gin. Thankfully it does not last.....
Jun 20, 2015

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