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3AM by Sean John

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3AM is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Sean John

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Reviews of 3AM by Sean John

There are 6 reviews of 3AM by Sean John.

A blast of fig, mandarin and bergamot start this off bright and punchy and sweet, and as it dries down, cardamom and florals soften and round the scent. I get good longevity and sillage from this, and it's overall very pleasant. I would say this is a good scent. For the price, I would say this is a great scent.

The best atomizer in the game. That it is found on this cheapie means even the lux fragrances should be using this atomizer.

BigBZ says it best.

This is good. Refreshing up top with the fig leaf proving character and depth throughout. Well blended and smells rich.

Name is a total misnomer. This should be named after a Greek Island, or the Isle of Capri. Fresh, fizzy and invigorating, with a touch of class. Wear this mid summer sipping a cocktail by the harbor in Mykonos. Or Cannes.

Best atomizer I've ever ever seen. Top notch. The bottle presentation is beautiful.

The You Tubers are right about this one. It's cheapie gold.

3AM: Busted.
Long DAY. 2 Good. Girl Like That.
Real World: DamnHangShame.

Unique, pleasing citrus opening with some spice in the background. Good projection for 2 hours on me and then afterwards, sits close to skin, but not nearly as nice as the opening. It lasts much longer if sprayed on clothing. I sprayed a sweatshirt one night and it was still there the next night.

The citrus tonic opening on this is absolutely wonderful...too bad it only hangs around for a minute or two max.:/

After the very brief opening, I mostly get a slightly creamy fig dominate smell...this note reminded me of the sweet fig in Kokorico By Night(minus the patch and cocoa in the JPG of course:)

And that's where the scent stays for the duration of it's life...sweet fig scent, a touch of spice with a hint of leather and orange blossom to back it up. Longevity is at least average to slightly above on me.(solid 6hrs)

It's kind of fun to spray this and have it do a complete 180* in like 60 seconds...very entertaining! Good scent from Sean John, but then again I'm not surprised. I think Diddy puts out well above average juice when compared to other celeb houses.

Not sure what to make of this. The name does not suggest anything...other than the marketing tag line "...anything can happen at 3 AM".

Initial blast is a synthetic green leafy note quickly followed by a balsam note; then a creamy coconut-y note contrast the slightly spicy concoction. Then it stays like that until it dries.

Unisex? Yes. Spectacular? Not really...but I think it is the marketing. I mean why would I buy this? Were this marketed as a summer destination frag, I think it would be more successful. Something along the lines of :

Eau Bermuda or Sean John Miami Water

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