360 Degrees for Men  
Perry Ellis (1995)

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The concept behind this fragrance was of new possibilities, new directions. Crisp and clean as the fashion outlook of Perry Ellis. The tag line for this scent was "Life Is How You Change It."[Sc]

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Reviews of 360 Degrees for Men by Perry Ellis

There are 42 reviews of 360 Degrees for Men by Perry Ellis.

Pleasant, yes. Clean and sporty, yes. Decent value, yes.

All those nice things being said, 360 Degrees for Men is just too boring and generic. It's never the first, second or third option when thinking about pairing a scent with the right event, experience, time, place or people. Just so many better options.

On top of all that, it doesn't perform very well on my skin. Projection is decent during the first couple hours but then it fades and even the skin scent doesn't last very long.
Jul 28, 2019

360° for Men by Perry Ellis proved to be "the one" for the house that really put the designer on the map for guys, at least in regards to fragrances, overshadowing past and even some future efforts. It was quite possibly the unintentional start of the "sporty" variant of jet fuel-tinged "sweaty" aquatics that pushed the citric tones further, something that would later be abused to terrible effect by the Addidas line licenced to Coty, but here it actually strikes a nice balance. The unknown nose for this one tries to veer way from cool oceanic vibes and just uses the aquatic medium as a backdrop for a spicier, peppery and semi-sweet odor-fighting vibe that made this a gym bag favorite. It remained the active choice for guys with a little too much clout to wear Addidas (the shoes or the fragrance line), but not scrupled enough to toss a $300 bottle of Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) at their BO woes. I remember the tubular bottle also being very glovebox-friendly, so this made the weekend warrior before-the-club circuit as well, and being able to withstand sweat was an added plus after dancing was done.

The intial opening of 360° is very 90's, so 20+ years after the fact, this one will not have aged as well in daywear as some of it's milder contemporaries, and that mainly has to do with the high-fructose berry blast of the top. The stuff opens with juniper berries, mixed with the more-standard lemon and bergamot. The middle of lavender, sage, and cardamom is also joined by freesia, which made it's way into a few 90's blue juices back in the day, but is still odd when I encounter it since it reminds me of women's shower gels from that time. I'm all for the dandy and cross-gender smells, but 90's freesia and plumeria just remind me of Calgon or Bath & Body Works in a bad way. The base is a little less surprising with white musk, a light vetiver dusting, and some kind of synthetic wood accord. It goes on sweet and fresh, but dries down brisk and tart, without necessarily taking you on a long walk across the beach like most of it's ilk. It's almost a "warm water" but I wouldn't dare make that joke. Or would I?

I'll admit that I am not the biggest fan of this style but this is one exception I keep due to it's impeccably balanced design that stays "in the pocket" for the entire wear. I only take it for walks in the park on the hottest of days but it does transition from day to night rather well in the summer. It's too old to keep it's former relevance for current club scene unless it's "90's Night" and The Real McCoy is pumping through the house, in which case it's almost expected to show up alongside Tommy for Men (1994). It's still a great gym scent and a far sight better than any purpose-built fragrance one could take, and still has that Perry Ellis sauve thanks to it's it gentlemanly base. This one straddles ozonic and aromatic chypre when one gets right down to it, but is still a hard sell to fans of the latter thanks to the juniper and freesia. The manyfold flankers that followed are all mostly their own animals, and I'd say avoid them as the most originality will be had here, with the original. Imagine that.
Mar 3, 2018

Stardate 20171229:

Nice spicy fresh modern sporty frag. Better than most in that genre and price range. Good for Gym.
Dec 29, 2017

This scent is overall a pleasant experience for me.

It starts out bright (like the very pleasant 360 Degrees Red flanker), then travels into the direction of a soft skinscent: Creamy, slightly tangy, slightly spicy, slightly sweet, with a bit of transparent musk tucked in deeply within. Lasts a long while, though it fades noticeably after half a day's wear.

For more formal events, its distant cousin, Portfolio Elite (also Perry Ellis) takes its fragrance profile and loads it with even more floral and fruit fascination...maybe a better alternative than this one.

360 Degrees is a safe, nonthreatening, laid back cologne to wear for informal occasions perhaps all year round.
Jan 1, 2017

I want to say that most of the 360 line were impressions of way more expensive designer fragrances around the time of this release. Not sure which one this is suppose to be because it smells like sooooooooooooo many scents release in the mid 90's. I do think it has a decent dry down and is good for work or casual use but is in no way earth shattering. Decent buy for the price.
Jun 14, 2016

Green, aquatic and woody. Starts out very strong and generic. Calms down to a decent frangrance. 6.5/10
Dec 21, 2014

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