360 Degrees Blue for Men 
Perry Ellis (200)

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Reviews of 360 Degrees Blue for Men by Perry Ellis

Drakkar Noir but with a twist. It is not weak as some have said. The twist in this case seems like an attempt tp freshen it up some, maybe to modernize the classic Drakkar? Either way, there are better alternatives but this isn't totally bad, just pointless.
Jun 6, 2018

A weak copy of Drakkar Noir. I know Perry Ellis was going for the "cheaper alternative" crowd but this is but a weak copy of a classic scent. Of course Drakkar isn't really that expensive so I don't know why you would need a rather cheap copy of it but Perry Ellis thought you would lol.
May 31, 2016

The green opening with a touch or bergamot freshness appears an overly strained and synthetic attempt to create something new. The drydown presents with a herbal mix and a floral touch that might not be all bad, but somehow appears random and uncoordinated on my skin. The wood notes in the base are less arbitrary, but nevertheless cannot alter the overall unharmonious impression. Silage and projection are not bad, with about three hours of longevity. I am afraid it is neither a convincing nor an interesting scent.
Feb 3, 2014

360 white and red are perfect alternatives to the scents they copy if you like those scents such as myself. if you like drakkar and fahrenheit you will probably like 360 blue. i hate all 3 with a passion!!!
Dec 15, 2012

Cypress and lavender heavy opening that gives just a hint of citrus in a very understated and brief appearance before being completely blown over by the overpowering and cloying lavender and tarragon in the middle notes. From about the two minute point on, this is nothing more than a linear lavender bomb that shows no class, balance or sophistication and unfortunately for the wearer, has monster longevity and projection that can only be saved by washing it away. The base notes are soft and undercut by the simple lack of balance, as the lavender never relents to allow anything else space to breathe.
This one is the only true dud in the Perry Ellis 360 line, with Red, White, Black, the Original and Reserve all inviting and enjoyable affairs. Some have mentioned this being a Drakkar Noir clone. It does certainly have many of the notes but is so poorly blended that my nose can´t get beyond the synthetic and cloying lavender note. In my view, this is one of the worst fragrances on the market for men and is one to be reckoned with as far as headache inducing and overpowering and is not for the faint of heart. The synthetics completely dominate from the 2nd minute onwards and never relent. This is simply unsatisfactory and will hopefully be discontinued in the near future.
Jan 24, 2012

I absolutely concur with foetidus on PE 360 Blue. Great topnotes then it devolves into a synthetic mess. Something needs to come to the fore...something velvety, intense, incensey or ambery...but it just doesn't happen. This house could be one of the greats if they just tried a little harder.
Aug 4, 2011

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