30cc / 50cc / 100cc fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Grapefruit
  • Heart

    • Thyme, Rosemary, Apple, Jasmine
  • Base

    • Oakmoss, Musk

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Latest Reviews of 30cc / 50cc / 100cc

I seem to love ALL fragrances by Chevignon, my favorite being Chevignon (which smells like the now-discontinued Polo Crest), and Best of Chevignon (which smells like the now-discontinued Casual by Paul Sebastian). I love Chevignon!
19th May 2021
The fragrance that changes its name to correspond to the size of the bottle: Actually, My bottle doesn't say 100cc by Chevignon, it says 5cc by Chevignon – it's a mini. As far as synthetic goes, I'll go Russlan two better: I think the top and middle accords are synthetic in addition to the base, but he's certainly right about the base. The base is the weakest part of the fragrance. This is another one of those generic “me to” fragrances, typical of the lesser inspired ‘90s me-too fragrances except that this was created in 2002, making it a complete loser all around…
23rd August 2008

Interesting bottle concept, but the scent itself is pretty much generic "modern fresh". The start and the middle notes are OK, but the base smells too synthetic. Try it on yourself, you might like is though.
1st December 2002