24 Gold fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Oud, Jasmine, Gaiac wood
  • Heart

    • Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Aniseed
  • Base

    • Vanilla, Amber, Ylang Ylang

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This is a decently blended sugary amber scent that can easily overpower a room if over-sprayed. As mentioned by freewheelingvagabond, there is no actual oud present in the fragrance. At its price point, this fragrance is great, but I wish it had more complexity. It's already dense, sweet, and heavy on vanilla and sandalwood notes. If that scent profile is your thing, then you will enjoy it. However, if money isn't a concern, I would recommend Oud Save the King by Atkinson for a more refined and less abrasive scent. Alternatively, L'Air du Desert Marocain is a great option for those looking for something different. Ultimately, it's worth saving up for a high-quality amber/vanilla fragrance.

I believe this is one of those fragrances that people tend to buy early on in their fragrance journey due to its hype on YouTube as an excellent affordable option. There's nothing inherently wrong with the fragrance, and it's surprisingly well-made. But, as with most things, personal preference is what matters in the end.
8th March 2022
I don't find any oud in 24 Gold; it's mostly some vague floral notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang, together with some woody nuances, and everything drowned in a big dollop of sugary, vanillic amber. It smells good, but somewhat simplistic, and I find it to be a 'pick-me-up' that gets boring quite soon. I do find the composition to be of good quality, especially considering the price, and sillage and duration are both quite good. While enjoyable on its own, this could be a good perfume for layering.

3rd September 2020

This is my first review on Basenotes and I'm new to the fragrance community, so cut me a little slack. :)

This was a blind buy on the recommendation of Jeremy Fragrance. I was able to pick up one of the older bottles
from a discounter. Since the world is in lockdown now, my means of testing this was two sprays to my wrist.
When we're all able to get close to each other again, I might update this review on how this comes across in the wild.

On my first whiff I get oud and vanilla. Really nice.
The oud is dark, earthy; almost burning. The vanilla is a really nice counterbalance. As this continues though, the oud falls back and vanilla and amber take center stage. This is where this fragrance loses me. After the nice opening this becomes (as one reviewer put it) a vanilla bomb. A bowl of ambery vanilla ice cream is what I get.
Too sweet. Definitely a gourmand scent in the mid.

As this dries down more though the woody notes (cedar and sandalwood) rear their heads and mix with the vanilla
and amber. Not as wonderful as the oud and vanilla combo but still nice. This is a very warm scent, if you know what
I mean. This almost smells like logs in a fireplace that have been burning for several hours and are dying down for the night.

I'm not in love with this scent, but it definitely grows on me the more I smell it. I would say that the opening and dry down are the nicest stages of this fragrance. Unfortunately, the opening is short-lived so enjoy it while it lasts.

Overall, this gets a thumbs up from me.
29th April 2020
A fantastic scent. The blending quality is amazing. I don't know who the perfumer is but he/she clearly nailed it. I suspect ScentStory hired a Master perfumer to create this gem. Vanilla, oud and amber with a hint of fruitiness, a real stunner and for the price you pay, you can NOT go wrong. If you like opulent, middle eastern scents, feeling like a Queen or a Sultan, chances are you will probably adore this. Potent juice and strictly for winter and cool Fall days.

If you want to rock it in the spring or summer evenings, you can aswell but control your sprays and you're good to go. Head turner, compiment galore, you name it. You really feel like you're wearing a 1 million dollars scent while wearing 24 Gold. Phenomenal.

Blind buy worthy, GET THIS IN YOUR LIFE !
11th October 2018
Two thumbs up , one of the best openings ..
This is a great warm and cozy scent ..
one of my best blind buys .
perfectly constructed
Better for colder days, and night time wear.

3rd October 2017
24 Gold contains prominent notes of Vanilla, Raspberry, Amber, and Oud. As others have mentioned this is not a heavy oud fragrance, but it is present. A very unique and niche quality fragrance masterfully composed by the house of ScentStory. Performance is excellent as well. 24 Gold is becoming more difficult to find and price will soon be in the 100s.
5th August 2016
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