Reviews of 24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

A beautiful rendition of orange blossom with a warm oriental base. Stunning, and definitely one of my all-time favorite florals.
30th October 2005
Here's a review I must amend and update. What was once too much for me is now darn near perfect. In many ways, 24F is the personification of the word perfume. I've read posts here in the women's forum that talk about having once loved and regularly worn it, but having been overwhelmed by it over time. No doubt, the key is restrained application. I have some 24F in a little rollerball applicator, and that's the best way to release a spot of juice here and there. I cannot imagine applying directly from the bottle's sprayer unless it was to shoot the fragrance into the air and walk beneath the spray. You get your money's worth of quality ingredients out of this Hermes, with orangey florals in the lead role: orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli; sandalwood, oakmoss; vanilla, musk, amber.
10th August 2005

24 Faubourg (the Street address of Hermes) is my top pick from the Hermes line. Reason being, it doesn't have that distinctive signature scent, which can be a bit harsh to my nose. Listed as a floral amber, a perfect balance with each note lifting and suppressing the other to form a soft, yet compelling, dry down.
16th December 2004