24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum 
Hermès (1995)

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Reviews of 24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

There are 73 reviews of 24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès.

A beautiful warm fragrance for someone who is comfortable with who they are. It's not for a woman who is trying to attract a mate - she already has one. Not for someone climbing up the social/financial/employment ladder - she is already there, and very nice it is too. Very classy.
Oct 13, 2021

After The Bath by Joaquin Sorolla 1916
Nov 17, 2018

What a gorgeous perfume! When I first tried it, I found it way too amber-y. But over time, I've gotten used to it, and now it just smells like flowers and pure class. This is an "old-money" perfume, and smells phenomenal.
Dec 11, 2017

I've been wearing this for about a year now, it gets high marks for simply being beautiful. It's all class, smells expensive ... but it's just not amazing, special or wow on me. Not great silage or long lasting here.
Sep 9, 2017

This, is exquisite. Period.

I was given a sample to try, by a BNer. I'm impressed. The only other Hermes I've tried / owned was back in the early 90's. the name of it escapes me just now...

24, blends orange blossom, gardenia, amber, hyacinth, orange, jasmine, iris, ylang, peach, and bergamot into a drink of liquid ambrosia. Vanilla appears, for me, after a few hours upon application. Definitely full bottle worthy. I guess I know what my birthday present to myself will be, this fall.
May 12, 2017

The top notes are very floral, a lovely iris, with slight iris stem undertones, in the foreground. Soon a discrete jasmine is added in. The floral opening has a rich, traditional character with just a touch of a boudouir-style vibe.

This continues well into the drydown, but the restrained sweetnes of the opening phase is intensified by a tonka impression, which blends in discretely with the floral notes. There is a touch of waxiness present.

The base sees the sweetness gradually waning, with a very subtle transient woodsy spiciness making an appearance.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent and the longevity nine hours on my skin.

Well blended indeed, this lovely floral spring scent with a twist is nice for evenings and never too sweet or cloying. 3.25/5.
Jan 10, 2017

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