24 Elixir Neroli 
ScentStory FZE (2017)

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24 Elixir Neroli by ScentStory FZE

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24 Elixir Neroli is a shared scent launched in 2017 by ScentStory FZE

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Reviews of 24 Elixir Neroli by ScentStory FZE

There are 2 reviews of 24 Elixir Neroli by ScentStory FZE.

Kind of smells like medicinal Sweet Tarts. If Sweet Tarts made a flavor cough syrup, it'd smell like this! I like it because it's different. it's not entirely unique, I've smelled things that I could think of that would remind me of a combination to make this, but it's late and I just wanted to utter my thoughts on this one tonight. This is my 3rd time wearing it thus far. I don't get the green banana vibe personally. It is a green citrus though, kind of along the lines of Banana Republic Vintage Green, but more sweet.

This may sound strange but this is less about neroli and more about a very green and plant-like banana note. Dominant notes to my nose are of spearmint leaves, white tea, and bergamot. Although it doesn't even include a banana note in it, the combination of notes just listed to my nose are very evocative of the scent of the green shell of an unripe banana. It smells like you're walking in a banana grove after it had just rained. The only fragrances this is comparable to are Dyptique's Philosykos and Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot, to my nose - it literally smells like both combined into one scent. As it dries down it becomes a bit more sweet while still retaining the green banana scent. I feel like this should have been called '24 Elixir Green Banana'. Projection is moderate but on the strong side, while longevity is fairly good with 4 hours of solid projection. Overall, this isn't really a neroli fragrance but it's a pretty amazing smelling green citrus fragrance nonetheless and incredibly unique.


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