24 Elixir Azur fragrance notes

    • Lavender, Artemisia, Orange blossom, Amber, Musk, Vanilla

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ScentStory 24 Elixir Azur is a 2017 release and one of the “Elixir” flankers of the now-discontinued 24 line, and it seems referential to several “blue” fragrances. It feels like a mix of Versace Dylan Blue, JPG Ultra Male, and even Bleu de Chanel (perhaps the EDP), and in that respect, it feels a bit like a designer formula, somewhat synthetic, but still reasonably dense, and an interesting variation of that formula. The note listings seem to vary by source but what I get from them in common is lavender, fruits, woods, amber, tonka, vanilla, and musk. So it's a little sharp, sweet, woody, and musky, but does fit a somewhat modern interpretation of the men's “blue” fragrance.

Even though the US-based FragranceX carries most of the ScentStory line, Elixir Azur is not currently available on that site, but IS available on the Canada-based PerfumeOnline for $60CAD for 100ml.

It's a good fragrance but I'm not particularly moved by it–still, the performance and value are both good, and it's another good entry from the line.

7 out of 10
21st May 2021