24 Elixir Ambrosia fragrance notes

    • Rose, Violet, Lily, Jasmine, Musk, Cypress, Vanilla

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This is my of Elixir Ambrosia, from the now-discontinued 24 line by ScentStory, a primarily floral and sweet creation, including notes of rose, vanilla, musk, as well as some other spicy notes that may include patchouli, tarragon, and saffron. It leans sweet and bright but not over-the-top / juicy sweet, and still with plenty of floral burst. I think it's a solid, robust floral option for anyone and for any time of the year despite inherently leaning feminine. Frankly, it's the only release from the 24 line that's slightly feminine and presumably marketed to women, unless I'm forgetting one.

Its performance is very good, its concentration is EDP, and it is sold via the NY-based discounter FragranceX at a reasonable $51 for 100ml. I'm not blown away by it but it's very agreeable and I'd certainly recommend trying it if you come across it.

7 out of 10
25th May 2021
An odd metallic butter opening leads to fruity patchouli and violets. It's kind of like someone tried make a more masculine version of Feminite du Bois by using aquatic "woody amber" chemicals instead of it's famous aldehydes.

Does it work? Not for long. While the tried-and-tested fruitchouli elements try their best to class everything up, the "woody amber" mixes with a strong saffron note and ends up overwhelming everything, drowning all the clever elements in a fake oud smell. One of those perfumes that smells like it might be good for a few minutes and then collapses under its own cheapness.
30th August 2020