24 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot, lemon
  • Heart

    • nutmeg, cinnamon, pink pepper, mint, caraway and anise
  • Base

    • amber, musk, oak moss, vanilla, wood

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The scent of a memorable date keeping the women you love surrounded by your warmth reminds her how intimate and serious your love for her. So amooth and creamy with zesty, bitter lemon. This lemony-creaminess character is what makes this fragrance so enjoyable with a side of French vanilla ice cream. Gorgeous, spicy, woody, sensuous, chic, evocative, versatile, sweet, smooth and delicious.

The citrus is slightly metallic at the first while the heart notes spicy of cinnamon, caraway, nutmeg and pink pepper as it dries down other notes become more prominent which sweetness of charming vanilla and amber makes it a great blissful and carefree experience all the way. Like a delicious fruity and spicy love potion for a night out. Versatility is nice for any occasion.
2nd September 2016

Discrete scent… Lavender/ citrus opening that is balanced, subdued, a little spicy, and lasts about fifteen minutes. It's not the kind of opening I was expecting for such an inexpensive fragrance – it's a bit more sophisticated than its price might predict. The middle level of 24 lists six spices and the spices come through clearly but with a lot more subtlety than one would think could be accomplished with six spices. I can identify only nutmeg and pepper out of the six listed, but I'm also picking up an element of sweetness and wood from the base. The base comes on fully as a dark wood accord – there's just enough sweet via amber to tone down the wood resin. As the base loses its sillage, the spice notes of the heart, particularly the nutmeg and to a lesser extent the cinnamon, project an attractive skin scent that lasts for hours… quite sniffable.

I admire what ScentStory has done with this scent. The opening's lavender and the heart's mint, caraway, and anise all contribute a natural and enjoyable aromatic aura to the fragrance. ScentStory seems to have found a way to eliminate most of the egregious characteristics that plague so many of the inexpensive fragrances: blatant synthetics. To my nose this fragrance is two or three steps above many in its price range.
18th August 2016

This smells identical to Dunhill Desire Blue. It is synthetic and smells very blue to me with some quite sharp citrus. It isn't all that bad and depending on my mood is sometimes quite pleasant. I have noticed that a couple of ScentStory fragrances have been likened to other designer frags: Go Dark is similar to D&G The One, Live Another Night is like 1 Million. Seems to be a slight trend there but I'll put it down to coincidence. In my younger days I am sure I would have fallen for this but now it is not one that I will wear often or indeed replace. Sillage and Longevity are below par. Neutral for me.
23rd March 2016
24 the original fragrance is certainly a little weaker than the rest of the line; an incomplete citrus, a sort of orange creamsicle vibe akin to Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest, but not quite as good.

It's very pleasant, just not entirely well-rounded. The top and heart are dominated by a blend of oranges (clementine, mandarin, blood) and in the based, woods and some other notes are mixed in. It's relatively simple and relatively pleasant, just not a standout of the line in the scheme of things, nor something interesting enough that I would pursue it, as there are plenty of other citruses out there, and Ultra Zest is a better creamiscle.

6 out of 10
2nd February 2016
This is one spicy little number. The notes that stand out are the cinnamon, vanilla, amber, pepper, and nutmeg. This is along the lines of Creed Original Santal and Mont Blanc Individuel. I've owned both of those and I actually prefer 24 The Fragrance. The opening is cinnamon overload, but the heart and dry down are a pleasant blend of cinnnamon, vanilla, amber, and other supporting notes. Great bang for you buck fragrance.
1st August 2012
I find it very interesting and long lasting. it has an interesting mix of spices, citrusy and woody notes and nothing headachy about it. I wear at night and receive lots of compliment. I think it is a great deal and definitely stands out
12th April 2012
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