212 White fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus
  • Heart

    • jasmine, peony, rose, pepper
  • Base

    • benzoin, sandalwood, musk

Latest Reviews of 212 White

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Plastic flowers, jasmine, and musk. It's good for office wear.
17th November 2011
If you could bottle white flowers & white musk, this is it. I really find this perfume delicious, but it should be used sparingly. Only one or two sprays needed, any more and you won't be able to hear yourself think. Like many Herrera fragrances, this one will stay in your clothes forever and a day (if you know 212 for men, you'll understand). It's modern and clean and after wearing it all day its incredibly sexy aura lingers. It won't leave you until you wash it off, with soap. Herrera perfumes tend to do that, so perhaps it's for those who wear one signature scent because this could easily become you.
24th November 2008