212 VIP Men Wild Party fragrance notes

  • Head

    • caviar lime, iced apple
  • Heart

    • black pepper, violet leaf
  • Base

    • kingwood

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A woody spicy scent. It is also described as a sharp, crisp and mysterious ode to wood. The opening is great but the dry downs chemical. This EDT is positively delicious smelling the sexiness is blended with a beautiful, playful casual hair. The opening with a blast of citrus caviar lime. The black pepper in the heart gives it a subtle interesting spice and freshness and then energy of violet leaf mixing with the woody notes give it that sexy smooth essence.

This one dries down very smoothly into a woody and dark notes. A heavier 212 VIP with more woods. This scent might be the perfect scent for a cold winter evening. It gives a young man who loves to look and feel great during parties when around girls. The bottle looks stunning. Anyway if you have tried the original 212 VIP, you are not missing much.
30th May 2016