212 VIP fragrance notes

    • rum, tonka, gardenia, vanilla, musk, passion fruit

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From beginning to end, gourmand is written all over this one. A boozy vanilla - dark rum mainly- is at the core of the opening blast.

In the drydown there are element of white florals present - mainly gardenia and whiffs of oleander - but the vanilla is hard to beat; so the florals are more accompaniments than main players. A fruity side breaks through at times, mainly a passionfruit with a mango-like feel at times.

Towards the end dark musks are added, but the vanilla lingers on until the end.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant autumnal gourmand that is a bit too generic to make a mark. 2.75/5.
13th October 2019
Oh, how I wish the vanilla-bomb wearing girls that I work with would upgrade to this. Because they could have their beloved gourmandish vanilla tempered by rum, gardenia and fruity musk, making it much more interesting and mature.

While the vanilla is too "front and center" for me, this is a lovely, cozy, sweet scent miles above its peers. Silly name, bottle, and marketing campaign couldn't be doing it any favors. Definitely signature scent worthy, especially in cool/cold temps.
28th June 2017

Love 212 VIP....it's sexy, date night perfume, but isn't sickening sweet or overwhelmingly strong. It's "just right"!
26th May 2016
Embodying the spirit of playful femininity and modern sophistication. 212 VIP is a deliciously beautiful and absolutely lovely scent.the scent is a more concentrated,gourmand,warm and festive version of 212 and i prefer it to 212 SEXY.It does make you want to cuddle up with someone.yummy, sweet,modern, young,sensuous,vanillic and addictive.

It is a luscious mix of irresistible passionfruit,flirty rum in the top notes and delicate gardenia and musk in the heart.finally vanilla and tonka bean add a sensual touch that's warm and enchanting and will lure anyone to your attention.Good enough to fall in love with yourself!The bottle is gorgeous.

I recommend it to all the young girls looking for boyfriends and definitely a modern and young lady.It is perfect for almost any occasion be it a casual out with the ladies,especially it best suits for the evening parties when you are on a date with some one special. suitable for autumn and Winter months.
11th May 2015
A fruity, slightly smoky, irish cream leaning on the womanly side in my opinion and with a touch of initial citrusy "vintage" hidden somewhere that in a first time reminds a bit the  potpourri of some great classics as Paris, 24 Faubourg, White Diamonds and some Van Cleef & Arpels even if with a more creamy beat. The mélange is sophisticated by flowers and is glamour in its valzer of alcoholic zabaione, gardenia, passion fruit and whisky . The Passion Fruit and the gardenia are detectable by an unprofane nose and impress exoticism and sophistication to this nightclubbing scent. The are some spices (nuttmeg?) in composition in order to sweeten the milky final cloud of musk and exotic fruits. The end is a sort of creamy-alcoholic musk a touch smoky but not heavy or cloying because the vanilla is well balanced and combined with musk, rum and mild smoke and that balance prevents the scent to become a sort of gourmand juice. The fragrance, dedicated to the creative and glamour youth of NYC, is interesting but certainly not innovative because its intoxicating milky-talky final dust is a bit in the same vein of One Million, The Dreamer, Etro Eliotrope and many others although with addition of the nightclubbing ingredient of rum. Longevity and projection are good for sure.
28th July 2011