212 Sexy Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, green leaves
  • Heart

    • pepper, cardamom seed, floral notes
  • Base

    • vanilla, guaiac wood, sandalwood, white musk, amber

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Not very original, but pleasant nonetheless.

212 Sexy Men starts out smelling just like Britto Man EdT in its sheer sweetness; underneath, there's a faint whisper of the musk present in the original 212 for Men. After a few hours, the scent morphs into something like Touch from Burberry: Heavy on the violet and sharper than the intro.

I don't think I'd buy it, but it is a great revisit for some of that Britto Man / Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge / Perry Ellis 360 Degrees White / Le Male oriental quality.
17th February 2017
A lesser personage than Alberto Morillas would never have got away with it.

I for one am glad he did, but I still can't figure out what's so sexy about a bamboo long house in the jungle and a pot of green curry.
20th April 2016

Although I find this scent quite forgettable, my lady loves it on me. I do get the body odor vibe some people get from it, but it's not prominent on my skin, and other people actually think it smells good. I'm not sure I'd buy a second bottle, but I sure won't have issues going through the one I have. I also understand the comparisons with Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, but the mint makes "The Male" a much lighter scent, while 212 Sexy is very thick, in my opinion. I love the former, but can totally live without the latter.

My 212 Sexy Men rating:
Projection/Sillage: 6/10 (1 hour);
Longevity: 7/10 (6-7 hours);
Versatility: 6/10 (casual, date, cold weather - never wear it in the heat);
Scent: 6/10;
Overall: 6/10.

Conclusion: If it smells good on your skin, and it's cold outside, it's perfect for a romantic setting. It projects well for the first hour, then it sticks close to the skin. I wouldn't wear it on warm days, though, as the heat makes the scent much thicker, and the B.O. aspect of it will no doubt rear its ugly head. You have been warned.
14th December 2014
I love 212 Sexy Man. The vanilla is delicious in this fragrance. It is sweet, masculine and sexy. It is strong at first but the dry down is very soft. I can smell it on me from time to time, and I love that. It is perfect for office wear or day time outings.
14th April 2014
If I had to describe '212 Sexy Men' with a word, it would probably be interesting.

from the beginning it starts sweet-y. And it remains like that. I don't know what to say anything else than that. It's not fresh, it's not woody, heavy or floral... it's just sweet. It kind of gives you a slight sense of cool, but nothing more. and it doesn't last at all.
4th May 2013
It smells very good but has no projection. Longevity is like 2-3 hours... Disappointing!
2nd January 2013
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