An extention to the hugely popular 212 range. "Sexy" is contained in a similar bottle to the original but has a lilac theme. Launched in the UK and Brazil in November 2004, with the roll out in other countries between then and April 2005.

212 Sexy fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Tangerine, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Cotton candy
  • Base

    • Vanilla, Musk

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This fragrance does not have a lot of weight in one particular place. It's not too this or too that, it's just a nice and balanced scent. And as the name implies, is definitely has a sultry undertone to it. Thumbs up 👍🏻
20th November 2021
Blood-orange's review is spot on.

Cotton candy might be a horror for many of us to behold on the note pyramid, but here the warm musk and spices work their magic to make this not only sexy, but sophisticated and modern.

Like my beloved Giorgio Red, this one REALLY depends on your skin. I have worn this for years, off and on since it came out. I find it suitable for any occasion (not just dates), and all but the hottest, most humid weather, where it does become cloying.
20th March 2017

This scent just shot up to the top of my full bottle wishlist. It is so gorgeous. The cotton candy is there, but the sweetness is tamed by the other spices and musk. On my skin, this scent is warm, soft, and lingering. Love this one!
20th February 2016
Most people in my country buy this EDP because they think it is a magical scent excuse me but I dont think so because In my opinion it is not the kind of perfume that makes a woman feel like a femme fatale. I think she needs to a fragarnce with more special&charm.

Nonetheless I wouldent say it is a undesirable fragrance truly nice creation but definitely nothing special or masterpiece for me.It is a fresh floral fragrance that meets sensuous,Sweet and spicy elements.In other words creamy,charming, feminine,warm.

After a strong opening and ordinary middle notes,departure musk and vanilla create an warm and seductive base.perfect for any special occasion especially to wear for a nice romantic evening In cold weather.anyway I feel the name and bottle effect are much more breathtaking than the Scent!
11th May 2015
What was Antonio Morillas thinking when he made this? The sugar is burnt and bitter, which is not always bad, but in this case it just won't go with the florals.
If you really have to pick a sweet-floral, go for Flowerbomb instead.
9th June 2012
Talk about spices, incense and powder, 212 Sexy is all that and more.

This is sexy in its own unique way. The spices make it exotic while the incense note gives it such a mysterious aura. There is a subtle hint of sweetness throughout this scent, but I can safely say that this isn't sickeningly sweet, it's sophisticated and well-composed.

The spices in 212 Sexy are what do it for me, it gives this fragrance the 'wow factor'. I actually don't get much in the way of the floral notes, the gardenia is only very subtle. I'm convinced there is some other spice or herb in this scent, not just pink pepper.

I love this fragrance for the simple reason that it smells wild and seductive. It has all the intrigue and allure of something foreign and exotic.

I do urge you to test this on your skin before buying, a blind buy would be very risky. Spicy and musky fragrances are often the hardest scents to compliment skin chemistry. However, if the perfume suits, then you have won yourself a very sexy little number.

15th June 2011
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