212 Men Splash (2008) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mint
  • Heart

    • cardamom, nutmeg, ginger
  • Base

    • sandalwood, incense, musk

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If you like 212 Men...and like me you see this at a bargain knockdown price....you would be certainly tempted to buy it...but it is certainly different.The initial spray will smell like 212 for a matter of seconds....but turns quickly to a fruity..then almost salty smell...I think this is classed as an Aqua scent...and thats where I get the problem...I don't know if it's skin chemistry...but I have tried similar scents...and for some reason...there is a damp/stale smell close to the skin...from a distance smells ok...if not quite sharp on the nose.I am not keen...but I imagine some people would like it...gonna be a neutral...because I have had alot worse.
5th June 2010
this is an ode to citronella. I found Splash is so kitcheney, since I use lots of citronella on my daily food (LOL). Splash is a fresh bright summer breeze, indeed, with pungent hits in top notes of citronella and citrus. Its aqua notes come up after 30 minutes to be more subtle and woody. I'm not into its base and drydown, because they are evaporated so quickly. But I insist, Splash is suitable for girls too.
27th January 2009

the moment i see the word 'splash' i know this will be a clear, fresh, marine scent. yes it is. i like it but the fragrance doesnt stay long.
18th January 2009
I don´t like it much. I bought it since it was on sale and I like the other 212 fragrances. It lasts very little on my skin, I know it´s a summer fragrance though.
13th December 2008
nooo :( it's like matching fire and water - citrus doesn't go well for me with this nice musk from 212. if you wanna sth for summer try aqua by herrera - really marvelous scent!!
13th December 2008
This is not like other offerings from Carolina Herrera, which tend to not appeal to me that much. This is actually surprisingly good, and it lasts quite a while (unusually so, for an aquatic). I actually like it more than both Bvlgari Aqua and Azzaro Chrome Legend, two of my favorite aquatics. Frankly, I almost passed it by completely and tried it only as an afterthought.
4th July 2008
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