212 Men Splash (2007) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mint, fresh notes
  • Heart

    • ginger, nutmeg, cardamom
  • Base

    • sandalood, incense, transparent musk

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I tested it on the paper and the risk it to have received a misleading impression, anyway the smell seemed at me basically similar to the original but lighter and with a less strong projection. The smell is metallic, slightly floral and fruity grassy but strangely more appreciable and mild than the original because the sort of urine undertone of the first is tamed by a more developed ozonic-mild-mossy trait, the metallic temperament is subdued, the pepper is still present but less abrasive and the smell in general is more mild and less angular. Forgetable.
16th October 2011
as for summer fragrance this is pretty potent 2-3 sprays and you are set, set to wait because its so overpowering that if you want be in closed place better wait, after hour or so best of this starts to show, i get it after 5 wearing 4-5h later i smell myself and thought THIS IS AMAZING!for the dry down thumbs up! i really enjoy it!
13th October 2010

A number of years ago, I purchased a fragrance called juice by Ocean Pacific. It was great initially, but overtime, I couldn't stomach the scents excessive 'juiciness'. It possessed a sickly sweet melony scent that was plain unbearable. I got rid of it and was glad I did. 212 Splash sharply reminds me of OP Juice except C. Herrera got it right. just just a right amount of that melony stuff balanced by what seems to be a splash of the original 212. I must say it is well executed, great for summer. Recommended.
21st May 2007
I picked up a bottle the other day at Sephora's in New York City simply because I thought it smelled great out of the bottle and on me. Sales ladies in two different Sephora's were so impressed that I thought it smelled great, evidently they did too.I checked Carolinaherrera.com and it doesn't list 212 Splash for Men. However, I found information about the fragrance on the Blog "Now Smell This" (NST).See http://nowsmellthis.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2007/5/11/2942439.htmlAccording to NST 212 Splash is new for 2007 and is a limited edition release."212 Men Splash includes bergamot, mint, fresh notes, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, sandalood, incense and transparent musk."I find it to be fresh, slightly sweet and fruity marine scent. By way of a comparison, if you are familiar with Kenzo's excellent marine fragrance line, this could be described as a sweet Kenzo Pour Homme. In any case, I find it to be a refreshing scent, I enjoyed wearing it so much I got my wife the women's version (which is a similar smelling fresh, sweet, fruity marine scent, but, according to NST it is not the exact same fragrance simply packaged differently for women.The packaging is cute: Both the Men's and Women's versions comes packed in a clear plastic case resembling a soda can. However, I take issue with the bottles themselves in both cases the tops are not well done. The men's version is not secure, and if you make the mistake of grabbing the bottle by the top the bottle will fall to the floor. In the women's version the caps just come out of the case. (On the other hand the women's version comes in two bottles perfect for leaving one at home and, say, one in the gym bag or in the locker. Men will just have to spray decant into an atomizer if they want to carry some with them to the gym or on a trip. (I wish more fragrances came in bottles like 4711 and Mugler Colgone so we can pour the fragrance into another bottle if we want to.While I am enthusiastic, I strongly recommend trying it first to see if you like it. You may find the salty marine notes not to your liking, or you may find it too salty or too sweet for your body chemistry. I have noticed that some react to the noticeable but subtle sillage with nose twitches which tells me that some aren't going to like wearing this at all whether for themselves or for an intimate friend.
15th May 2007