This follow up to 2001's female 212 on Ice is refreshing and ideal for summer. Packaged in what looks like a block of ice, the scent is very similar to 212 Men but with a fruitier edge. Not quite as lasting though, as with most summer scents.

212 Men On Ice fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus notes
  • Heart

    • green spicy floral notes,
  • Base

    • woody musk

Latest Reviews of 212 Men On Ice

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Cooling citr... oh wait my thoughts were interrupted by not being able to smell it after a few seconds. 212 On Ice then turns into a light woods. So far, underwhelmed by this 212 series.
9th March 2009
I smell citrus right of the bat. Had my wife smell it and I never tell her the name or Fragrance house. She didn't like this one either. I smell a Grapefruit orange citrus mixed with a subtle woodsy smell like that of Hugo but not as strong.Another Herrera down the tubes, couple more to go, hope to find a keeper. lol Thumbs way down on this one. Smells a bit like Nautica Voyage meets an orange.
22nd April 2007

Smells sexy and cool! I really like this one and its lasting all day too.
4th October 2005
I can't believe I'm the first one with thumbs UP!!! This fragrance is just great. Girls love it.
12th June 2005