212 Men On Ice (2010) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black pepper, licorice
  • Heart

    • violet, woody notes
  • Base

    • woods, musk

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Great Simply marvelous! The touch of black pepper over the violet, sensual licorice and smooth musky woods make this discontinued flanker better than original in my book and turns an everyday fragrance into a sexy nighttime beast. I was very happy to put my hands on a full unopened bottle of this beauty, great longevity, silage and I see it entering proudly in my top 20.
12th July 2013
i love it but smells just about the same as the original. not as much grapefruit and i don't smell any licorice. anyway i love the 212 line as much as mugler's pure line so it gets a thumbs up.
18th November 2012

I bought this a few years back and recently went back to it and compared it with the original 212 men. To be honest there's not much difference between the 2. The main thing that sets them apart is that the original 212 men "warms up" slightly and has an almost light floral that develops after a few hours. This summer version for me was very linear and is a colder version of the original. IMO stick with the original.
31st August 2012
This is a darker and more long lasting than the original 212 men.The grassy notes are little in this one which makes it sweeter..Great summer fragrance 4 sprays will do the work,side of neck,back of neck and one on chest!Enjoy
14th March 2012