212 Men On Ice (2004) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom
  • Heart

    • cardamom, coriander, nutmeg
  • Base

    • incense

Latest Reviews of 212 Men On Ice (2004)

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Fleeting green citrus. It's nice and all but lasts all but an hour. Typical for a "summer" scent. Appropriately colored bottle. To me, it doesn't feel like the original 212 and feels like it should have been part of the Bulgari Omnia line.
7th March 2009
Agreeing with previous reviews... it certainly is a take on the original 212, but with less florals and more green citrus. Still has that great fresh-cut grass note which I loved in 212... maybe a little mind over matter with the bright green bottle, but this one is perfect for the early Spring months. Reminiscent of Givenchy's Greenergy.
24th October 2008

Thumbs down on this one, maybe I'm an "Old Timer" but I tested this on the neck and pulse points. The wife immediately smelled a "Womanly" scent out of this cologne? I noticed it's lasting power goes away very fast. Put it on, went outside and I swear in a half an hour it was faint if not almost gone! Weird. Another Herrera sample down the tubes so far. This actually might be good on a woman, it may work?
22nd April 2007
Huge improvement over the original. Less floral, more manly but still containing that unique metallic Herrera note. A good example that re-editions sometimes are warranted. Cool (pun intended) ice cube conceptual packaging.
10th August 2005
THIS IS SOME GOOD STUFF!!!!!! Smells alot like the original but a little more fresh green and some kind of exotic fruit mixed up in there . AWESOME !!!!!!!
17th January 2005