Summer version of 212. Last years theme was Ice, this years is water. We reckon next years will be 212 Steam! (Remember where you heard it first!)

212 Men H2O fragrance notes

  • Head

    • grapefruit, ginger, mandarin
  • Heart

    • aquatic molecules
  • Base

    • sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood

Latest Reviews of 212 Men H2O

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Very nice and not too abrasive ozonic/acquatic accords with very a light spice accord and woods. The ozonic accords are subdued enough to not be as overbearing like Aqua Marine or Boss Pure. Still has that "green" accord I didn't loike in the original 212 but at least this summer version doesn't across as "skunky". I think, so far of the 212's I've tried, this one appeals to me the most. Of course, there are about 10 in this series I haven't tired yet! Yup, good light fare for the summer.
8th March 2009
very long lasting citrus burst. ver sexy and appealing. not much of a difference between this and original but i prefer this a bit more.i love all of ms. herrera's offerings except herrera(original and maybe sexy 212). otherwise if you like 360 red, burberry summer and aramis bermuda tonic you will love this also.
7th December 2008

I'm beginning to think there are very little citrus trees in Herrera land. So far thres citrus overtones in almost all of the line. Not a big fan of citrus scents unless there hidden and subtle. Herrera 212 Men H20 would be good for summer wear IF you like Aqua Di Gio, you'll like her line. The Citronella smell comes out in these colognes IMHO. Thumbs down on this one as well. Without a doubt if you have a nose for citrus colognes, you'll love Herrera's line.
22nd April 2007
A bit of a sleeper. Not great, but for a relatively inexpensive scent, you'll get an acquatic bargain. This one fell through the cracks with all the discussions about the original 212 vs the 212 on ice, etc.
17th April 2007