212 Glam Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • chocolate, cocoa bean
  • Heart

    • tobacco leaf, tonka bean
  • Base

    • musk, woods

Latest Reviews of 212 Glam Men

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I am a Carolina Herrera fan.. But this is the original rebottled..Nothing different..The top and base notes lead you to believe this is an gourmand but it's the same ole 212..
10th December 2013
if you expect a fragrance different from other limited editions of 212, forget it. The sweet notes are only an illusion. is virtually the same summer fragrance every year.
22nd June 2012

I just ADORE this stuff. Yes it's mainly if not completely synthetic, but what some forget is in order for a scent to be crammed full of natural content you certainly won't be paying less than £30 for a 100ml.

To me, designer fragrance are trying to create an image/lifestyle whereas niche companies tend to make perfume in a more artistic approach and are purely centered on the perfume itself and the beauty within, the craftsmanship, the artistic impressions of the perfumer.

So treat each fragrance for what it is meant to be. This is meant to be a reworked flanker of 212 for the summer and it does that VERY well. A beautifully softened version of the original with a few extra fruity notes in there.

Smell designer - expect it to be near synthetic as it's trying to smell like a 'lifestyle'.

Smell niche - this is when you smell the vision and art the perfumer was trying to portray.

Too many fragrance snobs ignore the mundane similar designer releases but sometimes you can find some beautifully blended synthetic fragrances that are real lovely to wear.
9th May 2012
Misleading to say the least. Fresh and green off the bat, with the sweetness suggested WAAAY in the back. To call this disappointing is just an understatement.
17th April 2012