212 Glam fragrance notes

  • Head

    • toffee, lollipop note
  • Heart

    • rose petals, iris, cotton candy
  • Base

    • woody notes

Latest Reviews of 212 Glam

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On me this is a semi tolerable scent . It actually smells a lot like some sort of lotion that is just put on for moisturization and not chosen at all for scent. One I'd choose so I could layer a chosen scent over it. Slight plastic note is present to my nose. Cotton candy, toffee, sweet notes? No. Rose ,iris,and woodsy notes? Slightly. Like I said -this smells like a lightly scented lotion.
Bought in a group lot. Tried a few times, and it's okay but not love /craveable. Honestly,I tend to forget about it.I'm passing it on to someone who could use it.

28th January 2016