20 Iconic Masculine 
Clive Christian (2019)

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These modern classics Iconic Masculine and Iconic Feminine are adorned with a platinum coloured cage and crowned with a platinum coloured cap, the precious metal of a 20th anniversary. The cage is a unique abstract design, a modern interpretation of the decorative cages found on the Crown Perfumery Company perfumes in 1872. The bright jewel like colour of the bottles shines with the celebration of 20 years of perfume connoisseurship.

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Reviews of 20 Iconic Masculine by Clive Christian

There are 3 reviews of 20 Iconic Masculine by Clive Christian.

Full name: 20th Anniversary—The Masculine Perfume of an Iconic Pair (limited edition)

Petitgrain, pink pepper, cedar, and vetiver (plus iso E super) isn’t the most distinctive combo in the world, even augmented by yuzu and rosemary, but CC’s blend smells plenty good when it opens. Just not $395/50 ml. good. It then turns out most of the charm is in the top: the base is moldy citrus and transparently synthetic cedar. What were they thinking?
Sep 14, 2021

Beautiful citrus/woodsy fragrance that is not mind blowing but for me is extremely enjoyable in a calming type of way. It starts out with a strong blast of mandarin petitgrain and about 30 minutes later enters cedar and vetiver to give it some smoothness. This one is most definitely a compliment getter but more so in close encounters. The longevity is amazing for the genre this one sits in, between 8 and 10 hours but the projection on the other hand is fair. I really do love this scent. Is the pricetag high... yes but that's what you get with clive and with clive you get natural ingredients and smooth scents. Zero harshness. Picture manderino di amalfi with a woody/spicy backbone and 10 times the performance. Solid 9 out of 10 for me!
Oct 28, 2019

Fresh from the new campaign, some free samples from CC. Nice that they remember their repeat customers (even if, so far, for low-ticket items).

I can't help feeling that for a label that sells for such high prices that I should be more wowed by this kind of effort. (NB: I might yet have this with some of the Addictive Arts series.) But is it reasonable to expect that of every release from a very expensive niche house?

Enter 20 Iconic Masculine, which is perhaps one of the least iconic things I've ever known, being i. nothing that stands out; ii. nothing that gives you a representative idea of the brand; and iii. nothing that will strengthen your faith, should you have one, and perhaps iv. nothing that will even be remembered after it is experienced.

Despite all this, I have a sneaking admiration for 20IM. It is very low-key, but has the consistent performance of a pilot light. It goes on in an understated way and continues in the same vein for many hours. It starts with strong petitgrain, pink pepper and perhaps a hint of ginger. It goes from aromatics to woods, and final act is one of a very familiar orange-amber-cedar affair. I caught wafts of my own scent throughout the day and was never less than impressed. The quality, after two testings and some unsought feedback from Mrs FWF, shines through in the seamless transitions and the excellent performance, as well as its blue-chip, zero-risk masculine design.

The lesson? Maybe there's room for something done in a way that's not original, just executed darn well.
Aug 23, 2019

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