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There are 3 reviews of 1A-33 by J.F. Schwarzlose.

A very literal mix of orange blossom and jasmine, calling to mind L'Artisan's excellent Chasse aux Papillons, with its hyper-realist smell of spring flowers in bloom. 1A-33 adds pepper on top and a thin layer of chemical woods underneath, detracting from the realism, but adding nuance. Given time, the mandarin separates itself from the orange blossom, becoming more hyper-sweetened and apparent in the mix, which I find slightly detracts from the effortless peppery floral beauty on display otherwise, but I'd still recommend floral fanatics and jasmine lovers give this a sniff.
Jul 30, 2018

1A-33 is an old fashioned eau de cologne style formula with citrus opening, heart notes of light drifting gentle florals and a base of clear cedar wood with a light iris musk. The similarities to Creed Jardin d' Amalfi or MFK's Aqua Universalis are apparent although the floral mix is slightly different. There is an air of innocence in this fragrance that might also come from its old world historical references and exclusion of any animalic or tricky dark notes. It is a happy, clear woods scent with a light hint of lime and soft magnolia flower over dry woods. A bit of pink pepper adds some modernity at the top notes. To my nose this fragrance feels young, slightly feminine in character, and innocent in its world view, but it is very nice to smell nonetheless.
Jun 9, 2017

To my nose, a radiant sweet orange blossom. Reviewers on other sites also report the orange blossom or neroli character. Linden blossom has probably been emphasised by the marketers as everyone knows about Unter den Linden. I generally try to smell all perfumes having cleared my mind of the stated composition or not read it in the first place, otherwise one just tends to smell whatever is suggested. However, having now read the official description, it could be that the mandarin is responsible for the orange blossom impression.

To get to the point however, I think 1A-33 fulfils its promise of evoking a vanished Berlin. It's expensive but it's a beautiful perfume. I would give a lot also for one of the original bottles with the ground glass stopper and number-plate label design.
Dec 16, 2016

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