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1957 by Chanel

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Exclusively available in Chanel's boutique at No.15 East 57th Street in New York City until February 2019.

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There are 5 reviews of 1957 by Chanel.

If you want to smell impeccably clean, fresh, and put together in a way only Chanel can achieve, 1957 is for you.

It smells glistening and multifaceted - like there are weightless layers of bright, bubbly, effervescent white musks dancing on your skin, champagne-like.

I see this actually wearing well in summer, in addition to spring. The aldehydes lend the musk a cool, refreshing aspect.

Beautiful and expensive-smelling, and an instant mood-lifter.

I never thought of myself as a lover of musk fragrances, but I suppose I am since I own quite a few of them. I don't seek them out - they seem to find me.

What a delight to wear! A joyful scent that is clean, fresh, airy, and at first sniff -- light. But this is not light. It has some heft and a hauteur that declares itself to be a Chanel. This is a complicated study on musk, several layers of it. Each layer carrying with it notes of bergamot, iris, orange blossom, honey -- eventually resting on a skin scent base of cedarwood and musk. Well-constructed, casually elegant, with a distinctive enviable presence. Imminently wearable and yes, can be unisex.

Bravo! Expect more good things to come from Olivier Polge of Chanel!

This beautiful scent is like a airy breeze that just caresses your senses with it's multi faceted complex scent accords. It shimmers on your skin showing notes of white musk, bergamot, iris, neroli, cedar and regal powdery touches sweetened by honey.

When you first spray the scent upon your skin you are greeted with fresh sparkling aldehydes closely followed by orange blossom. These aldehydes do weave in and out of the scent during the course of it's evolution. But the star of the show is the musks which blend beautifully with all the other subtle notes.

The projection is within arms length and it does have decent sillage and a distinct presence over it's long life of over several hours.

I'm quite impressed , it's a clean refreshing complex light breezy scent that tantalizes your senses with it's beautiful aromas. Big thumbs up!

Clean. Clear. Nearly dainty white musk. "Perfume-y". Fresh (an overused term, I know). Skewed, modified iris note. I would guess this as something other than a Chanel creation, upon initial sampling. Diptyque, perhaps? The bergamot smells like the bark, or stem, or branches of said plant. Then, more leafy stuff. Flowers here, without being stuffy or flower-shop intense are fine. Dewy-green, actually.
There is a lot of pale greenery here. Unisex stuff, for awhile. This seems to be a cross between an organic green garden, aromatic-oxygenated thing, and a neo-chemical fragrance. To me, and only me, this seems WAY more modern than "1957". It seems way more air-freshener, than perfume, perhaps fragrance spray, in a good way. I enjoy it, no doubt.
There is a cactus juice thing, in the background. Green honey. Green wood. Some thing here almost makes me cringe in a frightened, cannot-admit-I-love-this-thing mindset. I would not buy a full bottle of this (too expensive for what it is) - I DO state, it smells really good, in an oddball way.

There are few scents that I consider ethereal and 1957 is certainly one (the other I could think of is L'eau de Hiver by Frederic Malle which is texturally close but more powdery).

1957 is complex and alluring, with dichotomous notions of both warmth and coolness. There are times when I put it on and forget about it only to find myself taken aback by the bubble of it's beautiful presence.

It a scent that others will smell it more than you would when you put it on. It bellows a tad louder for the first 5 hours then settles into skin and hangs on for a couple more hours.

Beautiful creation which I am glad I finally decided to get a full bottle of!

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