190 Ans de Création 1828-2018 
Guerlain (2018)


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190 Ans de Création 1828-2018 by Guerlain

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A limited edition of 761 bottles to celebrate Guerlain's 190 year anniversary.

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Reviews of 190 Ans de Création 1828-2018 by Guerlain

There are 1 reviews of 190 Ans de Création 1828-2018 by Guerlain.

My sample is from the urn at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY and it smells nothing like the notes list here would suggest.

What I smell is mostly saffron, extremely sharp and more reminiscent of gas fumes than its usual leathery smell. It's paired up with rose and damp woods and a sweet background that I can't quite discern behind all that saffron (chocolate? fresh-baked cinnamon rolls??). The drydown is that "woody amber" chemical that perfumers try to pass off as oud, adding additional harshness to the nuclear saffron.

Thought #1: I thought I was a big fan of saffron perfumes until wearing this on a hot day - it's just SO sharp and oddly sinister, I just haven't really enjoyed it.

Thought #2: If anyone would have two completely different perfumes both called 190 Ans, one for Paris and one for New York, it would be Guerlain. I have no idea what's happening here...

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