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Cerruti (2006)

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1881 Black by Cerruti

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Another 'Black' fragrance - this time from Cerruti's 1881. The fragrance is designed to 'attract the younger man' according to Coty France's brand manager.

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Reviews of 1881 Black by Cerruti

There are 16 reviews of 1881 Black by Cerruti.

The original 1881 is a glorious giant of the aromatic/herbal mediterranean perfumery (somber, conservative, sharp, grey-green, slightly coniferous, assertive and virile). This supposedly black flanker is just a decent spicy synthetic "conversion" of the aromatic-mineral original formula. Nothing mineral or properly aromatic in here, just something spicier (lot of black pepper) and milder (with a tad of florals, balsams and citrus), just a (partially failed) attempt to create a more urban and "sociable" version of the original (to create something kind of a darker more "night out" flanker). This version is effectively a spicy, musky and slightly soapy-ozonic take on the original one. The concept behind this formula is a vague reminiscence of the muskier (and less spicy) Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir which is a far more refined and subtle musky night time potion. There is something resinous in the blend which I hardly identify in its essence and which is particularly associated in accord with bitter orange and marzipan in order to recreate that dark-spicy "night out in the down town" atmosphere which was probably the initial (and just partially matched) aim of the olfactory performance. I don't find this juice kind of boring, just it smells effectively synth on skin in a sort of anonymous (though pleasant) way. Dry down is close to skin and discreet, finally restrained and virile. Nothing new under the sun guys.

Smells like a good deodorant... Nothing unique, but not totally unpleasant.

There ain't no Black in 1881 Black

To begin with, this is just one of many 1881 flankers, though it has nothing to do with the original 1881, which is a soapy, green, and fresh scent. I picked-up several Cerruti fragrances back in the Spring including 1881 Black. I only tried it once and didn't recall any details since one of the other 1881 fragrances caught my attention, Fairplay to be precise. Fast forward three seasons and I said to myself, "Wow, I really like this one" when it was applied to my skin: 1881 Black walked that fine line of having a clean, fresh, sweet side but also striking a nice balance with having a woodsy-spicy side. Excellent!

That being said, 1881 Black opens gracefully like a warm spicy smell with a hint of sweetness to the blend. You do get pepper and orange in there with some nice fresh spice, perhaps the caraway. It is a little bit balsamic, medicinal, but that facet fades away quickly. As it settles in even more of the warm spicy notes show up along with the relaxing ability the lavender note brings to the party.

In the heart, I do get cedar quite strongly, rather the marzipan accord appears almost instantly and the woody oud gives the almond note a creaminess that gives the impression of vanilla. The oud here is mild and smooth, not the opulent and dark one typical of the Arabian scents. A great specific blend of sweet almonds and woods, nutty I would dare. One can almost taste marzipan when wearing this. Not necessarily spicy or intensely masculine, but 1881 Black delivers a complex symphony of rich, deep notes that I find different people interpret and pick out notes of widely contrasting attributes.
If you are into male gourmands, like me, this could be a nice and interesting addition to your collection. I'm really enjoying the drydown: woods, fresh-spices, and a touch of marzipan sweetness. Not so stingy!

I like this one: a versatile scent that is good for the office, day and night events. The opening is great, the heart a bit challenging, and the drydown very pleasant.
1881 Black performs well, it lasts several hours on my skin and projects moderately. Suggested seasons are cool late fall and cold winter.

Nothing really “black” here except for the box, and overall a barely decent fragrance which was quite disappointing for me. I didn't have high expectations, but still I thought it was better than it actually is in my opinion. Basically 1881 Black is a sort of spicy, soapy, musky and slightly ozonic take on the original 1881 – which is still the only one I like among this line of flankers. There shall be oud in here but I don't get any; all I smell is a really heavily synthetic spicy-musky blend smelling as much crisp and soapy as really cheap and completely unoriginal, and a tad boring after a while (the “annoying scrubber” kind of boring). But at least it's also really cheap cost-wise, so no complaints... And after all it's not that bad; it smells barely decent, really unworthy any attention unless you are looking for a really generic and inexpensive office/gym scent. Projection and persistence are obviously bold & long lasting given how much plastic this smells.


Reminds me of Nikos Sculpture mixed with almond/marzipan. Very nice. Pretty good projection and longevity.

Update. I bought a new bottle a few weeks after posting my above comment and am dismayed to find it has now been reformulated. The new juice lacks the almond note. It has gone completely. Its just a meh sweet powdery scent now. Horrific. Luckily the retailer allowed me to return it. I took a sniff at the 1881 original and sure enough that's been changed too - dilute and with less projection and staying power than previous. Sad.

Fresh spicy and tipping the gourmand Got it for present. It was in the want-list a while. Too bad they used the 1881 name for this as i find 1881 a masterpiece on its own without getting this as a flanker. First spray : Opens fresh with a 90's shaving cream vibe waiting 5 minutes (lavender?? where??) when its slowly turns into aquatic warm spicy mix , what in my opinion is a really great combo. Its not groundbreaking but damn its comfortable! It gets (on my skin) warmer and sweeter in the next 12-15 minutes leaving the fresh blue path towards a little gourmand waft path lead by the caraway (nutmeg is slightly there and i cannot detect the much used Oud). It stays in this warm combo for 30-100 minutes turning to the marzipan route which ends up a close to skin warm,cozy, sweet gourmand smell. But the gourmand is in the final stage and will be smelled after 1.5 or 2 hours. The stage before this is a great journey You are mostly walking around with this spicy warm cozy smell with a hint of freshness The sillage is not great its moderate. But its long lasting through its slow top to base Women will love this in a intimate setting.Pros: Multiple stages of scent developmentCons: Dont over apply can be cloying"

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