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Reviews of 1869 by Acca Kappa

There are 9 reviews of 1869 by Acca Kappa.

It is a slightly citrus, light woody & peppery concoction. A nice fragrance but just nice, nothing more. By the way it is impossible to overspray this, since it is really weak in projection. Normally I spray lots of fragrances 4-5 sprays but this one needs a liberal 20-25 sprays just to feel a little. Smells fine but i do not recommend a full bottle.
Jun 19, 2012

A comfort, interesting leather-iris fragrance on me. I get at first a rooty, slightly metallic aroma comming from iris, that gets slightly creamy after some minutes. Then the suede-like aroma of leather comes on and the violet joins it. At this point in kind of reminds me of Fahrenheit (same scent shape with different details). It makes me think of a leather jacket perfumed with an iris-violet aroma. A little bit shortlived, but not bad at all.
Dec 23, 2011

When I want a classic masculine scent this is my go-to-guy. I don't wear it frequently, I usually like something cut from a more mysterious landscape, but for old-school spice and leather that leaves my mind sharp and my body fresh this does the trick.
Nov 1, 2011

This is by far my favourite scent I have yet to add to my collection. A warm, green, and peppery fragrance, it goes particularly well with a windows-down drive on a clear, blue-sky sunny summer day. Warm summer breezes compliment this scent extremely well. This product lasts fairly well throughout the day (at least 6 hrs) and smells awesome from the very begining to the last whiffs of the drydown. My only complaint is that I've worn this stuff so often over the past year of owning it, I am not as sensitive to its scent. Also, I only like wearing this on warm, summer days...the dry harsh aire of the winter seems to infinitely absorb and crush this scent for me. Wear it in summer!
Dec 7, 2009

Notes: cardamom, geranium, iris, violet, amber, vanilla, leather.This is an interesting scent. The first time I tried it, I noticed the warm spices and the hint of leather – and I thought of Gucci Nobile. The second time I tried it, I noticed the violet leaves, and thought of Grey Flannel. This is a classy, masculine scent. The warm spices and the cool violet work well together, in a quietly assertive way. It sits close to the skin and has good longevity.
Oct 5, 2009

Picked up a bottle at the Acca Kappa store in Vegas. This is a solid, masculine fragrance with a spicy, peppery accord. Sillage and longevity are fair to good, and is great for a variety of settings, including the office.
Jun 12, 2009

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