1861 Zefiro fragrance notes

    • bergamot, cardamom, honey, iris, resin, incense, amber, spices

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Spices and raw tobacco; and lots of them. A little bit of sweetness but not cloying, like a light Tobacco Vanille. Very good!
30th April 2020
Tobacco-resin darkness, lightened up with lime-citrus. It's a helluva an opening: dusty stoic spices of cinnamon and cardamom come in after the first few minutes to add even more depth to the heavier notes. And to balance it out, about 5-10 minutes in, honey-sweetness rises up to help give the Zefiro great balance and brevity. This brings to mind smells of the Mediterranean during Zefiro's middle notes: what to me smells like basil (certainly herbal) comes into the mix, as well as floral elements like iris and carnation. It's a more mature, slightly masculine scent: this could be the staple of any sophisticated male who is more interested in smelling good than smelling modern.

The projection could be a little stronger, and it doesn't have a long skin life, unfortunately: just a few hours on my skin. It's quite good though, and while it is expensive, it is extremely well-crafted and a timeless scent.

1st May 2019

Great from the begining till the end!

The incense, floral, spicy and fresh notes take me back in ancient Greece with Olympus Gods and Achilles fighting for his glory.

It is not overwhelming but it has a great personality.

Sillage is ok and lonvegity is above medium.

One of the best from this luxurious house.
5th April 2019
love how this smells...i get a background of gentle incense with a honeyed/resiny very much cinnamon flavored scent...it pretty much keeps this structure throughout...i don't really mind, because it smells awesome...a very well done and blended spicy Oriental...
7th March 2019
Incense smokey, sweet and spicy. Reminds me of Halston Man Amber or Liquid Night from A Lab on Fire which both predate this scent.

Definitely a dressed-up, cold weather scent.

I will say this is either blended better or slightly subdued than the other two because it smells more refined and smoother. The other two are louder, but Man Amber fades first while Zefiro amd Liquid Night have similar longevity.
17th January 2019
A well-constructed ode to Rome, Italy from Xerjoff!

XJ 1861 Zefiro is meant to evoke the mixture of ancient and modern Italian culture and sensibilities: Wine, flowers, dusty museums, showy citizens in various activities day and night, marketplaces, beautiful architecture, culinary delights...nothing referring to the seaside excursions, interestingly enough.

Nonetheless, resinous, sweet, spicy elements forge together a rough painting that seem to paint the intended picture of things Italian in my mind. The senses of outdoorsy florals and spices mesh with the incredibly legit incense that is like a spectre floating throughout the fragrance's life cycle - tied in with a well-rounded amber finish to it all.

Imaginative, proud, and interesting is how I'd describe my experience sampling XJ 1861 Zefiro! Bravo, Xerjoff! :-)
31st December 2018
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