1861 Naxos 
Xerjoff (2015)

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1861 Naxos by Xerjoff

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1861 Naxos is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Xerjoff

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Reviews of 1861 Naxos by Xerjoff

There are 18 reviews of 1861 Naxos by Xerjoff.

Great fragrance. Xerjoff have somehow managed to create a warm sweet gourmand that mingles well balanced citrus aspects too.
Never gets tiring, lasts all day and for me, can work all year round.
Packaging and quality and finish of the bottle are incredible

A nice, very unisex tobacco that is not overly sweet. The spices are dry. I get an almond note. Good performances.

Pure Havane minus the fun.


The opening is a mix of bergamot, lemon, both underpinned by a fairly intense honey impression. nice balance between the citrus freshness and the sweetness of the bee product.

In the drydown the honey is paired with a brighter lavender, which is underlined by a slighlty ambery cashmeran-woody background impression. On the other hand, a vanilla/tonka that is gradually gaining in strength is pushing the lavender aside after a while, especially after a smooth cinnamon is added in.

T ha base adds a tobacco note, which is reminiscent of a weak Virgina-based pipe tobacco with some vanilla flavouring.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for warmer autumn days is a pleasantly bright combination of a fresher initial part with a more vanilla-tobacco later stage. Compared with some other tobacco creations, this one is more nuanced and elegant than Tom Ford's full-throttle Tobacco Vanille, and whilst the quality of the ingredients is higher in this Xerjoff than in Mugler's more synthetic Pure Havane, in its bold, albeit slightly more chemical take on the tobacco theme the Mugler is the more interesting creation, although Naxos is the less intrusive one.

Overall not bad, and with its own merits. 3/5

You can buy Odin #11 Semma for a lot less, and get the same effect.

A one-dimensional, unimaginative honey-sweet tonka-vanilla bomb, reminiscent to me of Pure Havane and HdP 1899 (and superior to neither).

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