1861 Naxos fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon
  • Heart

    • honey, vanilla, cinnamon
  • Base

    • tobacco, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of 1861 Naxos

Very similar to CK One Shock IMO. Just a tad better though. Just a little more fresher than CK One Shock. I would still purchase, but without the high price tag. 7.5/10
10th April 2023
Those that know me know that I am very picky with vanilla, preferring a natural vanilla smell and nothing really powdery or that smells like a cheap candle. Here Xerjoff manages a smooth vanilla and tobacco fragrance that is not a siren but has rather a nice close sillage that is kept on the dry side with spices. Honey sweetens the overall presentation but not overly so. This is an elegant and quality tobacco and vanilla fragrance, that is only truly realized once you allow it to develop. The opening can come off strong, if you go heavy on the sprayer. Moderation is key with this fragrance. My 2 sprays (one to the back of my hand and one to my neck) has been more than enough. Now 6 hours into this fragrance, I fully expect to still smell this when I wake in the morning. Lovers of scents with honey and vanilla, like Dior’s Bois D’Argent (which is a bit drier and missing the green leaf Tobacco found in Naxos), would likely enjoy this fragrance as well. For what this is supposed to be, 2 thumbs up.
19th March 2023

This scent has all of my favorite combinations together in one bottle so I figured it could be either an instant love or a hot mess. I gave it a shot when I found a great deal at a discounter and am happy to report it's the former: instant love! Unisex and sweet, the tobacco is smooth rather than smoky and the honey hits just right.
4th March 2023
I was hoping for this to be a creamy gourmand scent with a drop of bergamot/orange on top but that's unfortunately not what I get with it. I get mainly bergamot on a soft woody base which I'm assuming is the tobacco and tonka bean. Its nice, but that's it. Not one I'd buy a full bottle of.
9th February 2023
A different take on a tobacco fragrance for me. Naxos is a honeyed lavender and bergamot opening with an underpinning of soft tobacco that gradually becomes richer as the scent dries down. There's a slight vanilla and cinnamon detectable but the scent never strays in the gourmand direction, nor is it at all ashy or smokey. I like it because it's highly wearable and could be unisex, although leans masculine IMO. This is much sweeter or stickier than your typical tabac fragrance. Very well done and great quality. Better for cooler weather but could be worn in all but the highest heat and humidity. Happy I own it.
1st September 2022
This easily skyrocketed to one of my top favorite fragrances of all time. It opens up with a fresh burst of sweet honeyed lavender and citrus, with the smallest hint of fennel or anise… or some other licorice adjacent scent. It’s not heavy or overpowering though, it stays in the background just quietly whispering intrigue. then the citrus calms down a bit to reveal the tobacco which is smooth and sweet, almost like a cherry vanilla tobacco… pipe or cigar? I’m not very familiar with tobacco scents, but it’s definitely not a smoky tobacco. It’s so very smooth, with a light coating of honey, but not too much. This is not an overly sweet or syrupy honey. It’s soft, and warm. The lavender stays present throughout the entire wear time of the fragrance, while the citrus and the licorice-esque notes fade away in the dry down. To my nose, this is right down the middle unisex, I think both men and women can easily wear this without thinking they are staying too far from other scents they like to wear. The general vibe I get as a woman wearing this, is confident, bold, stylish, and a little bit edgy. This projects a bit more than most of my other fragrances, but it’s not overpowering. I think most women would wear this more as a nighttime out on the town fragrance, but I will wear this any time and any season.

I also have to say that the presentation of this brand is seriously top notch. I am actually blown away by the experience of opening my package.

This is one of those where I have a hard time imagining someone not liking it. I know they must be out there, but my brain can’t really accept it. I definitely give this a 10/10 in every category. Absolutely addictive.
18th July 2022
Great fragrance. Xerjoff have somehow managed to create a warm sweet gourmand that mingles well balanced citrus aspects too.
Never gets tiring, lasts all day and for me, can work all year round.
Packaging and quality and finish of the bottle are incredible
20th January 2022
A nice, very unisex tobacco that is not overly sweet. The spices are dry. I get an almond note. Good performances.
26th October 2021
Pure Havane minus the fun.

15th June 2021
The opening is a mix of bergamot, lemon, both underpinned by a fairly intense honey impression. nice balance between the citrus freshness and the sweetness of the bee product.

In the drydown the honey is paired with a brighter lavender, which is underlined by a slighlty ambery cashmeran-woody background impression. On the other hand, a vanilla/tonka that is gradually gaining in strength is pushing the lavender aside after a while, especially after a smooth cinnamon is added in.

T ha base adds a tobacco note, which is reminiscent of a weak Virgina-based pipe tobacco with some vanilla flavouring.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This scent for warmer autumn days is a pleasantly bright combination of a fresher initial part with a more vanilla-tobacco later stage. Compared with some other tobacco creations, this one is more nuanced and elegant than Tom Ford's full-throttle Tobacco Vanille, and whilst the quality of the ingredients is higher in this Xerjoff than in Mugler's more synthetic Pure Havane, in its bold, albeit slightly more chemical take on the tobacco theme the Mugler is the more interesting creation, although Naxos is the less intrusive one.

Overall not bad, and with its own merits. 3/5
6th June 2021
You can buy Odin #11 Semma for a lot less, and get the same effect.
28th December 2020
A one-dimensional, unimaginative honey-sweet tonka-vanilla bomb, reminiscent to me of Pure Havane and HdP 1899 (and superior to neither).
25th March 2020