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Truefitt & Hill (1998)

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1805 by Truefitt & Hill

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Reviews of 1805 by Truefitt & Hill

There are 23 reviews of 1805 by Truefitt & Hill.

This is a my wife's favorite cologne on me, and I've tested a lot on her.

It starts off with a citrus opening not unlike a number of citrus/aquatic scents like ADG but ADG is much sharper - more lemon to 1805's mandarin. To my nose 1805 very quickly loses that opening and becomes different and really quite floral, a bit soapy with a spicy edge and only slightly sweet. It has a bit of the old-school barbershop cologne vibe (sandalwood/musk) but it's much more muted than T&H's other colognes. I think they struck lucky with this one.

My wife says it smells clean, classy and subtle.

Overall I think it's excellent and not one you will find many other men wearing. It's the antithesis of the trendy or hyped fragrance as T&H firmly place themselves in the trad gentleman's market.

It's biggest weakness is that it's not hugely strong or long lasting after the first couple of hours.

What's with the negative reviews? Yes, 1805 resembles ADG. But 1805 is a bit more refined and not as "fresh and loud" as ADG. 1805 lasts all day and smells like a classic Italian chypre. There is citrus here, but again, better balanced than the citrus notes in ADG. I bought a bottle and it is in my regular rotation. Fresh, clean yet understated. Not bad at all.

Fresh aquatic cologne...

This is an invigorating and really nice aromatic, citrus aquatic cologne. It is also my first Truefitt & Hill fragrance. I find it pleasing. I don't find it exceptional in any way but I do find it pleasing and lovely.

If I could describe it, I would say that it is an aquatic but without the aquatic notes. I detect a citrus, a musk, and a salty lavender note. I think these together give that impression. This is great as a starting eau de cologne which is very versatile and pleasing. One to try if you like that sort of thing.

Like grafton this is a really sophisticated and fresh conservative club smell , top notes of lemon and mandarin leading onto cedar and musk...Unfortunately like the grafton it disappears by the time you've left your front door. Why don't they make these fragrances to last and project !, I really like the scent but it's like a tease ...The only way I can think of strengthening the longivity is to maybe combine the other products in this scent line and have a good twenty minutes indulging in 1805 products.

This is T+H's Issey Miyake clone, but it starts out weaker, sweeter, and more natural than Issey, with more realistic lemon and less of that sharp plastic vibe. It does develop a little soapiness after a few minutes, which I guess is the English barbershop goodness finding its way into an otherwise very modern scent. The soap briefly brings a clear powderiness along with it like that in Trumper's Skye, only not so much. I'd say 1805 combines elements of Issey's dry aquatic with some from a sweet aquatic (L'eau Par Kenzo). It's weak in the end compared to Issey, though I realize that's a pretty tough comparison. I also notice that the sweetness and other non-Issey-like components dissipate by the end, leaving something that's once again fairly close to the original, but more rubbery, and the rubberiness gets worse over time. May not be worth it overall.

T&H's rendition of a modern synthetic aquatic cologne. A sweet bergamot opening, which fades quickly to a faint oceanic note. A little woods in there, but overall longevity is poor and this one just isn't that unique or good.

1805 = sweet, nauseating toxic waste. Was this the best you could do, Truefitt & Hill?

A nicely constructed aquatic style fragrance that is only marred by a lack of longevity. The opening feels a little messy, but the general balance of the ingredients is good. I enjoyed the drydown enormously, all the staples in the base provide warmth and freshness in abundance. The sillage is contained, but the main issue is the longevity, giving me just four to five hours. 1805 is really on the cusp of neutral and good, but I have a feeling this one will grow on me.

If only it lasted longer...I fail to understand how one could dislike this, it's such a simple and refined formula. Yes, it won't win awards for originality and it's certainly not daring but it's a well made, clean, classy citrus/ oceanic that can be worn in any situation and like all the classic old English barbershop brands, it's relatively inexpensive. It is vaguely similar to L'eau D'Issey but without the sneeze-inducing top notes.

Very (very) similar to L'eau D' Issey Pour Homme.Not identical, but could quite easily be mistaken. Dry down is not so spectacular, but remains similar.A little less intense, and lightly less sweet/musky, and therefore a tad less potential to overapply - but overall a very similar effect.Maybe .. all in all - not a bad thing.Issey 'light'.?!I really liked it.

This purports to be an aquatic and it does have an aquatic character. It also prominently features cardamom, which strikes me as a dead weight here (it isn't my favorite note, but it certainly is blended effectively in numerous fragrances). At any rate, I don't like this one.

What a weak offering. Too subtle for anyone notice and worse yet it just dies a quick death. There is nothing marine about this cologne, I get teas, I get citrus, and I get woods that's about it, maybe an tinge of ozone but the cologne is so light it might as well not be there because you will have spray it up your nose to catch it.

Waiter! There are flowers in my ocean soup . . .This is a mildly elegant and mildly pleasing frag which is quite charming for summer. I can't contribute a definitive answer as to whether or not this is the most classic fragrance named 1805 to have been manufactured in 1998 but I suspect it to be so.T&H's interpretation of oceanic is interesting. The composition might strike some women as feminine, others as uber-macho, Regardless, it's a light delicate citrus/ocean scent which is not generic--at least not compared to the offerings we get in the USA at department stores.I don't find it one dimensional, nor do I think it vanishes in an hour. However it does morph down to the sandalwood, cedarwood and musk in a relatively short time.I really should give it a thumbs up objectively, but who on earth rates frags objectively? Neutral for a pleasant summer scent, probably best suited for officewear.Perhapsthe negative reviewers were somewhat influenced by the old barbershop pedigree of T&H, and weren't quite ready for a hair salon.

What's that? You say you love the scent of L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme but that its humorless bottle and funny name are jarring to your anglophilic sensibilities? No problem--you have T&H's "1805." It doesn't have the staying power of Issey, but it's a nice, clean fragrance with a name you can pronounce.

Nice green/citrusy scent with supporting wood notes of cedar and sandalwood. Despite being a cologne strength it's a good one. Meaning even though it doesn't last long, it's quite pleasant. Marine and aquatic, it gets the point across.

A one-dimensional citrus scent that doesn't last any longer than 2 hours on me. While it doesn't smell bad, it doesn't stand out from the hundreds of other fresh scents out there. It lacks complexity and depth even for a fresh scent.

Of T&H's seven scents, three are described as "oceanic," two of which (Freshman and Clubman) reportedly were produced respectively in 1815 and 1880. I find this claim hard to believe as the "oceanic" scent did not really arrive until the 1960s. However, I won't quibble. What is odd is that to my nose all three scents are pretty much identical. Why create almost half of your output to be the same.1805 begins with the scent of line-dried linen - fresh and clean. Then a light cedar scent comes to the fore (reminiscent of Caswell's Gifts of the Sea bath scent). The whole thing is gone after half an hour. Certainly not worth the investment - one could dub it "The Emperor's New Cologne" since wearing it renders you naked and scentless. It is for me bland and boring and evaporates so quickly as to be entirely negligible.

1805 has a citrus/weak tea opening. Then there is a sudden shift, quite noticeable, to a floral oceanic. This too is a bit mild or weak, nothing either problematic or commendable. Some have called this ‘salty' – I don't get that. It might be due to the clary sage but for me that is muted. I don't even find this to be very oceanic, I think it is more green/fresh. Finally there is a light wood-musk base. Nothing very adventurous or exciting here. Another Aqua di Gio clone, kind of bland and boring.

In a word: Classic.The top notes are wonderful to breath in after putting it on. As it settles down 1805 says sophistication and class. Every day that I have worn it this week I have had a woman comment about how much she liked my cologne. It's a great everyday scent that is equally at home in the office or relaxing with the wife and kids.

Official notes:Top: Bergamot, mandarin, CardamonHeart: Lavender, Geranium, Clary SageBase: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, musk1805 starts off with somewhat fresh and attractive citrus notes with hints of the ocean air. And thats the height of its achievement really. From there, 1805 fast disintegrates into a persistent overly synthetic and salty accord which never lets go. Salty can be good if done right (try or taste Erolfa). But here, the notes smell cheap - theres just too much cardamom and geranium and it overwhelms the composition. The sandalwood and musk dont even get to enjoy the ocean voyage.I have also tested the shaving cream, and its just too salty - it made my eyes water, resulting in more lubrication for my wet shaving experience.1805 isnt a "terrible" scent, but many at Basenotes have beaten the "oceanic/marine" fragrance (sea)horse to death and theres simply no place for 1805 in the crowded sea of offerings. Creed Millesime Imperiale, Creed Erolfa, and even the obnoxious-little-brother Creative Universe's Mare blow 1805 out of the water.

One of my personal favorites. Reminds me ALOT of Issey Miyake for men. Very "aquatic" scent. Fresh and crisp. Doesn't seem to last very long on me, however. Definitely in my top two of the T&H line (Clubman being the other)

Hmm. Rather a strange marine. Great top notes in a quality oceanic style that vanish fast, to be replaced by a strong and persistent cardamon note which just seems incongruous to me.

Old school perhaps, but quite similar in many respects to L'eau d'Issey, though with more pronounced marine characteristics. Also reminds me of Acqua di Gió and Creed Erolfa to a lesser extent. The bottle, stick-on label and atomizer stem leave much to be desired, but if you're into oceanic/marine scents, this one is worth having. The shaving cream smells excellent too, with a green tea note coming through loud and clear.

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