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Venice, the riparian city of love. In that year of 1725 was born the man whose name would symbolize seduction : Giacomo Girolamo Casanova.
« What is love then? An illness to which man is prone to any age ».

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Reviews of 1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums

There are 46 reviews of 1725 Casanova by Histoires de Parfums.

Its name "1725 Casanova" implies that it's meant for perfume wearers who identify as male. However, I really think it's fine as a unisex scent - or dare I say "gender fluid." It has a sharp citrus opening note, quickly followed by what I call a "coolish" smell... smooth and "round." Is it neroli? Honeysuckle? A little indolic? But powdery. And definitely bergamot. Later it calms down a lot and is mostly powdery, but not too eggy-powdery that it becomes Arrid XX-tra Dry antiperspirant (i.e. Le Male). Lots of vanilla in the drydown, but almost a Play-Doh scent too -- that must be the anise and/or licorice mixed with lavender. I like this scene very much in all its stages. Some stuff I just really don't like either the top notes or the base. This one is pleasant all around. Charming like a Casanova.
Dec 22, 2020

Intriguing top notes. The licorice seems to take the edge off of the bitterness and the citrus. I can't say it specifically adds any "sweetness" but, it adds an Ouzo vibe. Lavender plays with anise. It's a kind of syrupy-sweetness, almost boozy.

Vanilla mixes in, along with almond making this an almost gourmand scent and still, remains boozy. It almost smells like a cookie!

The "woods" blend in completely not smelling like any specific wood at all. An amber tone mixes in as well. Spiced, almond cookie smell sticks around. Overall, this is interesting, stands out from others from this house. Thumbs up.
Jun 4, 2020

As a fan of Lord George by Penhaligon's I've been on the lookout for other sweet, creamy barbershop fragrances. This is pretty nice, but it is also different than I was expecting. It's a little less shaving cream than Lord George and a lot more gourmand. It actually has quite a bit in common with Givenchy Pi, original Le Male, or even the drydown of Lost Cherry. Sadly, on me the projection is very weak. I attempted to overspray the rest of my sample and while that brings up the sillage, it also brings out some qualities that remind me of Le Male. Overall, its not quite what I was looking for, but its worth a try.
Dec 15, 2019

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels comes to mind although I prefer 1725 as it seems more natural/quality smelling. Quite dusty and old world but the Licorice note in this is nice.
Oct 14, 2019

Love it! This is most definitely a unisex scent. Girls if you enjoy lavender and vanilla then you must try this beauty. This lovely has gone some way to provide me with a substitute for Kilians Taste of Heaven Verte. I think this a teeny touch more gourmand but its not over sweet. This is a fougere just on the edge of gourmand.
I get the lavender, vanilla, licorice, anise and almond nuttiness. I do get a blast of citrus notes on the opening but they are fleeting. It does smell a touch masculine in the first half hour but then it dries down to my kind of perfection. Warm lavender, vanilla and anise. The amber is not obvious to me but I'm sure some warmth comes from there. I think I could wear this anywhere. It has a timeless quality.
I get good longevity and moderate sillage.
Jun 18, 2018

This is striking me as harsh, maybe from the licorice, star anise, and/or the almond. There are some competing notes in this that I like (lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, amber), but they're in the background behind the harshness.

I had been looking forward to trying this, but it's a letdown, more challenging than wearable.
May 22, 2018

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