17/17 Symphonium fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Spanish mandarin, Italian orange
  • Heart

    • Indian cardamom, Belgian chocolate
  • Base

    • White musk, Madagascan vanilla, Laotian oud, Thai oud

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Very nice mandarin and chocolate start with a vanilla background. Turns into a gourmand gem that may be a future purchase if the price goes down. Got just a minimal amount of oud in this one, either though it shows 2 types of ouds in the note breakdown. More suited for cooler weather, but can be worn in early spring. 8/10
3rd May 2023
Absolutely stunning. The orange and chocolate opening delightful but I look forward to the dry down the most. The vanilla and oud are creamy and rich and LASTING. Sillage is moderate and longevity is quite good. I got a great deal on my bottle at a discounter and am thrilled with the purchase. Would I be this happy if I'd paid full price? I don't know. The more you pay, the more you expect. But for the what I spent, I I couldn't be happier.
30th March 2023

Symphonium smells absolutely scrumptious but it's a lot similar to Acqua E Zucchero from Profumum Roma, so it might be redundant if you already own that one.

Smell wise: 5/5
12th August 2022
Terry's Chocolate Orange was a Christmas staple among my British friends when I lived in England – as much of a thing as brussels sprouts cooked to mush, perhaps with somewhat more takers for it than for the poor maltreated vegetable. Symphonium's opening is likely to ring them yuletide bells for Brits with its creamy milk chocolate and orange theme. There's nothing fresh about the citrus, this is the confectionary version. A little glimpse of cardamom adds a touch of interest in a composition sorely lacking in complexity. Still, it's nice enough until one hits the drydown where it flumps around a gassy musk – initially a queasy juxtaposition with the chocolate-orange and then things continue further downhill as the whole thing gets soapy sweet and loses all definition.
This review is for the 2021 extrait version, which has an asking price of nearly 400 euros for 50 ml. Pull the other one.
24th July 2021
A tasty spicy-oriental scent from Xerjoff!

Symphomium - originally only available at the English store Fortnum & Mason - starts out with a special citrus pair of mandarin and orange, full of juiciness and blending well with the chocolate, vanilla and cardamom. A surprise presence of smoky woody oud - brought from two varieties from Thailand and Laos - emerges amidst this semi-gourmand mix, ended nicely with white musk.

Multi-faceted and classy fragrance that reflects Xerjoff's skill at weaving remarkable niche scents!
27th January 2019
Opens up with an amazing mandarin orange then quickly turns into a chocolate/vanilla cupcake type vibe. Truly enjoy this gourmand hopefully Sergio Momo adds this into his full line up and not just an exclusive.

Scent: 9/10
Longevity: 10/10
Sillage: 6/10
17th March 2018