17/17 Richwood  
Xerjoff (2010)

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Reviews of 17/17 Richwood by Xerjoff

There are 16 reviews of 17/17 Richwood by Xerjoff.

If you're after opulence, you'll find it here. Richwood opens with enough olfactory calories to make butter look like skim milk. Gorging on such gorgeousness is a hedonistic delight at first, but just as too much creme filling can steer one from the gates of Heaven to the purge-atory of nausea, Richwood risks overstaying its welcome. It resolves this by shedding its decadent and complex top to reveal a less interesting but no less assertive base of powdery vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. I'm left with the impression of a niche "upgrade" of Chanel Égoïste. Richwood might tempt me once or twice a year, but for the other 363 days, I'd rather wear the Chanel. I'll give it this, though: you can sure as hell smell the money.
Sep 14, 2021

Not a fan of this regardless of cost and prestige, I picked a bottle up blind for a ridiculous price on facebook and was keen to like it, feeling that I've got the steal of the century. On initial spray I could immediately detect the quality, it's certainly showcasing the best ingredients with to my nose the the rose absolute being the most impressive...but it all feels at odds with itself , the bergamot clashes with the rose and patchouli to give off a vintage feel with a slight medicine vibe, I have to grin and bare this for at least two hours before the vanilla and tiny amounts of sandlewood came to its rescue ..6 hours in and it's fairly pleasent ..quite sophisticated and being driven by the patchouli dry down but I've been through 6 hours of something unpleasant to my nose to get here ...not my bag really but it is obviously a high quality fragrance.
Sep 8, 2020

WOW! This is special.

The comparisons to Coromandel are justified. They do head in slightly different directions but the heart of the fragrances are just different branches of the same tree. Coromandel has that white chocolate vibe while Richwood supplements that for rose. I actually love both. The sandalwood is amazing in Richwood. Sooooo creamy. There is also a sublime vanilla note in the base. The patchouli in the opening could put a few people off but I personally love it. Anyway...The patch does settle down after 30 minutes or so. Longevity, projection & sillage are all amazing.

There are often threads on Basenotes with regards to what smells expensive? what smells classy? What's best for formal occasions? Richwood is all of that....And then some more. Weather anyone around you likes the fragrance or not they will be aware that you are wearing something very special. It just gives off that aura.

Now onto price!! Is it worth the money?? Probably not! But then again is any fragrance worth that price point? No way!! But do not let that cloud your judgement of this fragrance. It may be overpriced but that doesn't stop it from still being great.

Personally I have gone down the decant road. I have bought 20ml which should last me a good old while. It's something that I wouldn't really want to be without. One of the greatest perfumery concoctions I have had the pleasure of applying to my skin.

Nov 21, 2019

Richwood - Xerjoff
It must be an absolute joy for a perfumer to be able to work for Xerjoff and have instant access to shelves full of absolute top-notch first class raw materials- it must feel something like being a kid in a candy-store without having to pay.
Richwood begins with a tight and austere character and the vanilla shimmering through, you can already feel the depth and class of the raw (natural) materials being used. Especially the iris abs in here is one of the best I ever smelled in a perfume, its absolutely spellbinding. Fresh-soapy, earthy-cool, waxy dried-lemony with a lively bright fraicheur and a stern but 'wide' concentration which echoes a very bright sparkle of livelyness. It flows extremely well with the thick creamyness of both the godly mysore sandelwood and the vanilla, which shows a smoky-earthy 'base' and a very round fluffy gourmand-sweetness. The transitions of notes and tones are very smooth, I like the way how the floral-section slowly rises up after the slightly herbal-peppery start, (safron?), tropical fruity ylang-ylang with a urinic-animalic undertone, a splendid cool yet warm rose and an indolic-jasmine, its all just floating so extremely well and the perfume opens up in character here in a more bright and friendly tone. On its way to the dryout I catch a smoky oolong-tea note and a spearmint-anise bitterness which make a good counterweight against the slight 'clogging' sweetness that grows more powerfull. The dryout has a nice natural fresh-sour bite and a resinous-coolness that further enchances its character. Richwood had my heart skipping a few beats here and there and was such a joy to smell and wear, plus I treasure its unique unisex personality. Richwood is stellar stuff and perfumery in optima-forma.
Jul 17, 2019

Tremendous, well-crafted Mysore sandalwood and patchouli fragrance from Xerjoff's 17/17 collection.

At once a simple fragrance, and also blended with depth and layers, Richwood exudes class and quality in every note: Hesperidic trio of tangerine, grapefruit, and bergamot; seductive powdery Mysore sandalwood; intense damp herbal patchouli of the finest grade; hearty Damask rose; interesting splash of cassis; leathery ambery rockrose; shiny sweet vanilla; and a nice touch of musk to finish this niche fragrance off.

I smell similarities to the ladies perfume, Coromandel, by Chanel: Both are ambery and loaded with patchouli, with touches of tanginess. But Richwood is a scent fit for men and women, with great performance in terms of sillage and longevity.
Jan 27, 2019

Heaven. Truly, it is. But Heaven's price tag is far too exclusive... especially when the price-of-admission sandalwood note is sweetened and powdered to the extent of losing its most valued (woody, milky) qualities. In purgatory, I'll stay.
Jun 16, 2018

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