The fragrance was made in collaboration with The Nuance Group and is a travel retail exclusive. The name means Queen of Spades in Russian and is taken from a short story by Alexander Pushkin, with the same name.

17/17 Pikovaya Dama fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, rose, neroli
  • Heart

    • coriander, cedarwood, iris, incense, nutmeg
  • Base

    • musk, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of 17/17 Pikovaya Dama

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Overwhelming powdery-hyper clean-musks infused with a light soapy citrus. The scent seems clear/ozonic and gleaming bright. There is an accord that resembles baby powder....however, a special powder....created for royalty. A little goes a very long way. This fragrance is incredibly potent..with ridiculously strong projection and sillage. You will choke out everyone in a 20’ radius if you over spray it. It satisfies my craving for CDG Dry Clean which is now gone from the collection (RIP.)
27th May 2022
This is soooooo soapy. White musks and nothing else. Beautiful soap, but soap still. Very strong performances, but not worth the price, really.
8th March 2022

Super, super potent. Soapy clean, with prominent iris and white musks, juxtaposed with the gentle smolder of incense throughout. Very pleasant, but so linear and strong that it starts to wear you down by the end of the day. A soapy/smoky powerhouse.
28th November 2021
Love this has ambergris opening to my nose atleast with a Amouage Tayyiba vibe and a touch of floral spicy goodness it gets better and better as it's in doing its work on the skin! To be honest it's a different fragrance I love. It has clean but yet dirty qualities both that switch up, in & out taking turns thru out wearing this. I love this! I can see some loving this and some loathing this. But I enjoy this fragrance! Good job Xerjoff once again!
16th February 2020