17/17 Homme 
Xerjoff (2007)

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17/17 Homme by Xerjoff

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17/17 Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2007 by Xerjoff

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Reviews of 17/17 Homme by Xerjoff

There are 17 reviews of 17/17 Homme by Xerjoff.

This one comes across as loud, linear, and masculine. A classic Russian leather style, akin to the well-known Knize Ten. The leather is quite oily, almost petrol-like, driven by clove and an ambery undercurrent. One of the better ones from the line, though not necessarily unique.

Very rich masculine scent from Xerjoff's "17/17" collection.

Many have correctly related the beastly Knize Ten to what 17/17 Homme is like: Aromatic, leathery, citrus, with a touch of the Dior Fahrenheit "petrol" touch! The spices are nicely conceived, as is the smooth base with vetiver, birch wood, and musk.

This one can be a bit overwhelming for some, so moderation is a must with the spray trigger. Really pricy, so I'd look to lesser priced alternatives if this is the direction you want to go with a fragrance.

This is terrific, a powerful leather with overtones of Fahrenheit that somehow upends the usual pyramid and ends up somewhat fresher and rounder than when it started. Applied to instant acclaim from the FWF family, they quickly evinced disbelief through various non-verbal vocalisations when informed of the price (best I could find at the time: 540GBP / 600EUR / 660USD) - and why wouldn't they? Is 17/17 Homme something to aspire to? Maybe. Value for money? Surely not, in any sense. Would I take, let's say, one bottle of 17/17 for seven of Esencia by Loewe? I doubt it. I think the best one can say is that one can be sure of a quality product when spending that amount of money, and this is what 17/17 is, even if overpriced by a factor of 3 or 4.

Leather, cumin, spices, drying down to a woodier leather with herbaceous and hesperidic parts. Really nice - really won't be purchased by me any time soon.

Complete and utter disappointment!!Disgracefully overpriced.

This basically smells like a stronger version of Pinaud Clubman's Special Reserve. Now there's nothing wrong with that because I kinda like Special Reserve. Where I have a problem is that Special Reserve costs £7 for a 100ml bottle While this costs £350 for a 100ml bottle. Outrageous!!!!

Did you miss the strong, smoky and kind of petrolium like smell of original formulation of "Dior Fahrenheit"?!
Do you also love classic "Knize Ten" with that beautiful and extremely elegant semi fresh, semi sweet, green, powdery and soft smoky scent but the leather note wasn't strong enough for you?
This is the one for you because this fragrance for me is like combination of these two with some exclusive characters of Xerjoff fragrances.

The opening of this fragrance is just a strait gateway to heaven of classic fragrances! very well done and well balanced combination of lavender, citruses, some cloves, lots of iris and also the star of the show, LEATHER!
Lavender give the scent an aromatic, green and kind of clean soapy aura while there are some citruses in the background to give the scent more fresh feeling.
There is a little sweetness in the background too that gives the scent creamy sensual aspect but these notes that I mentioned are just supporting notes for leather and Iris!

The leather note has a strong and very elegant masculine. smoky petrolium like smell and there is iris right beside it to give the scent lovely powdery feeling.

In the mid I can smell almost the same smell but now less fresh and clean, but at the same time with help of vetiver and stronger leather, more smoky. the powdery feeling never goes away and you will have it all the way through.

In the Base the scent is pretty the same. only smoky leather note settles down.
Projection is strong and longevity is around 9-10 hours on my skin.
Amazing scent with pretty damn high price! xD

Jeepers, which cauldron did they pull this megamongous leather from? Bag-and-sandal shop mixed in equal parts with roué's black leather jacket after a night at an establishment with a name like The Sling or The Pit. The mix of new and weathered leather scents is an ingenious twist.
Propelled in the opening by some herbal lavender, it soon settles into leather leather leather with an aureole of petrol fumes. Develops a pleasing creamy wood aspect in the deep dry down (4 hours). Well-made, with great persistence, will wow leatherheads to whose number I can't say I belong.

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