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154 by Jo Malone London

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154 is a shared scent launched in 2001 by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of 154 by Jo Malone London

There are 19 reviews of 154 by Jo Malone London.

I was at Saks Fifth Avenue a few years ago and sampled the entire line of Jo Malone, narrowing it down to 154 being my favorite. This fragrance has an air of sophistication to it and reminds me a little of another favorite of mine, Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper. I believe 154 skews male: spicy, woody, and citrusy. Longevity and sillage are good. Recommend!

Jo Malone scents have always caught my attention at the local Nordstrom. I have always wanted to test and review their amazing array of scents, so I began with "154."

This one is an aromatic-citrus-spicy unisex scent that comes across as more masculine. The start is a refreshing citrus trio that is colored immediately by spicy nutmeg, medicinal lavender, and aromatic fresh basil. Vetiver is a major component of the overall experience, along with the nutmeg. Patchouli adds its woody, sweet dark edge.

It's not the most unique formulation, but I find it to be smooth, clean and wearable. Solidly made and linear in its progression over time.

Reminds me faintly of Houbigant Fougere Royale, with the operative word being "faint". 154 seems to be made mostly of water, with a little alcohol and a hidden touch of actual fragrance. Smells nice for about 5 minutes. Jo Malone needs to rethink their formulations. Their fragrances smell nice but the sillage and longevity is the absolute worst of any line I'm familiar with. I wouldn't dream of paying $120 for this. I've never panned a fragrance just on performance, but 154 doesn't deserve any better than a Thumbs Down.

Stardate 20180521:

154 is named after Jo Malone's London store. It is supposed to capture the "headspace" of the shop. Diptyque did something similar with their 34.
I like this one as it captures the best Malone has to offer. The Lime Basil Mandarin is one of the dominant smell in this composition followed by Nutmeg Ginger.
Base is woodsy and oriental.

The only offering in EDP concentration.

Jo Malone's fragrances doesn't do it for me. I've tried a few in the past but the fragrance neither lasts or remains stable. The notes are too predictable. The fragrances contain basically 2-3 notes. It's something anyone can blend. After about six months the fragrance loses its scent and smell chemical (poor fixatives).

154 covers all the bases of a complete warm weather fragrance. Fruity, spicy and woody. Slight citrus up top with very delicate and sensual spices. I get this accord for up to 3 hrs that's followed by a woody Vetiver accord that lasts another 2 hrs. Overall I give this a thumbs up. Good longevity, solid projection and an overall pleasant fragrance. This can be worn by both sexes young and old. It's light and airy which makes it good for summer but its also spicy enough for spring and fall. I recommend this for casual settings or maybe a date (not a first date, more like date night with your significant other)

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